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April 26, 2019

Hello fans,

Today, we are catching up with actor Michael Callan. He's had a stellar career! I think this is the first featured celebrity that I had never heard of prior to doing this newsletter which is weird because he's been in just about everything that's been on screen in one way or another; from Gidget Goes Hawaiian and The Interns to Cat Ballou and the Occasional Wife.

So, without further ado, let's get to it!

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See if you know if the following celebrities have had a visit from the "Grim Reaper":

Harold Sakata: Played menacing henchman, Oddjob, in the James Bond movie "Goldfinger"

Robert Wagner: Long career in TV and movies, starred in the TV series "Switch" and "Hart to Hart", appeared in the movies "Prince Valiant", "The Longest Day" and the "Austin Powers" movies (as No. 2)

Bill Daily: He played Major Healy on the TV series "I Dream of Jeannie" and Howard Borden on "The Bob Newhart Show"

(Answer at the bottom)

Michael Callan

Learn More About Michael Callan, see Then & Now pictures, and find out What He's Been Up To on Celebrity Nooz

BIRTH DATE: November 22, 1935 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

BIRTH NAME: Martin Harris Calinieff

CLAIM TO FAME: Michael Callan is an American actor best known for originating the role of Riff in West Side Story on Broadway, and for his film roles for Columbia Pictures, notably Gidget Goes Hawaiian, The Interns and Cat Ballou.


FAMILY LIFE: Callan married Carlyn Chapman in March of 1960 until their divorce in 1967; together they have two daughters, Dawn and Rebecca. Met his second wife, Patricia Harty, while both were starring on the TV series Occasional Wife. They married in 1968 and divorced in 1970. Callan married his third wife, Karen Malouf, in January of 1975, they later divorce in October of 1984.

INFO: At 21, Callan played Riff in the original Broadway cast of West Side Story.

He was seen by talent scout Joyce Selznick, who worked for Columbia Pictures. Columbia was on a "youth talent" drive at the time and signed Callan to a seven-year deal in June 1958.

Callan was unable to reprise his West Side Story role of Riff in the film version due to his contract with Columbia.

TRIVIA: Hit a 3 run inside-the-park home run off Hall of Fame baseball player Roberto Clemente in the 1967 MLB vs Celebrities Softball Game.

Returned, occasionally, to the stage in both legit plays and musicals including Absurd Person Singular, Killjoy, Love Letters, Hello Muddah, Hello Faddah, The Music Man, and George M!. Callan appeared in the Off-Broadway musical Bar Mitzvah Boy in 1987.

WHERE IS HE NOW: Callan, now in his early 80s, has seem to have retired from a very long, successful acting career.


2006 The Still Life...Resident

2003 Stuck on You...Fox Prexy

1997 The Last Road

1997 Viper (TV Series)...Albert Corrente
- First Mob Wives Club (1997) ... Albert Corrente

1995 Drifting School...Andrew Morgan

1995 Leprechaun 3 (Video)...Mitch

1987-1994 Murder, She Wrote (TV Series)...Phillip Sparling / Bart Mahoney / Sgt. Nash / ...
- Fatal Paradise (1994) ... Phillip Sparling
- Good-Bye Charlie (1990) ... Bart Mahoney
- J.B.. as in Jailbird (1988) ... Sgt. Nash
- Murder, She Spoke (1987) ... Carl Anglin

1989-1992 Superboy (TV Series)...John Corben / Metallo
- Obituary for a Super Hero (1992) ... John Corben / Metallo
- Threesome: Part 2 (1992) ... John Corben / Metallo
- Threesome: Part 1 (1992) ... John Corben / Metallo
- People vs. Metallo (1991) ... John Corben / Metallo
- Super Menace! (1990) ... John Corben / Metallo
- Metallo (1989) ... John Corben / Metallo

1992 Swamp Thing (TV Series)...Larry Kefler
- Smoke and Mirrors (1992) ... Larry Kefler

1990 Dragnet (TV Series)...- Parachute to Death (1990)

1988 Freeway...Lt. Boyle

1987 Houston Knights (TV Series)...Jerome Lavalle
- Home Is Where the Heart Is (1987) ... Jerome Lavalle

1986 Knight Rider (TV Series)...Victor Gavin
- Fright Knight (1986) ... Victor Gavin

1983-1986 Hardcastle and McCormick (TV Series)...Doyle Madison / Frank Kelly
- McCormick's Bar and Grill (1986) ... Doyle Madison
- Once Again with Vigorish (1983) ... Frank Kelly

1986 Crazy Like a Fox (TV Series)...TV Station Manager
- Hyde-And-Seek (1986) ... TV Station Manager

1985 T.J. Hooker (TV Series)...Father Tommy Connors
- Sanctuary (1985) ... Father Tommy Connors

1985 Otherworld (TV Series)...Billy Sunshine
- Rock and Roll Suicide (1985) ... Billy Sunshine

1985 My Wicked, Wicked Ways: The Legend of Errol Flynn (TV Movie)...Hal Wallis

1984 E/R (TV Series)...Dr. Bernie Mailer
- Growing Pains (1984) ... Dr. Bernie Mailer

1983-1984 The Fall Guy (TV Series)...Montana / Towler
- Terror U. (1984) ... Montana
- The Further Adventures of Ozzie and Harold (1983) ... Towler

1984 Young Hearts (TV Movie)...Carl Fettis

1978-1984 Fantasy Island (TV Series)...Amy's Stalker / Sterling the Playboy / Dickie Devereaux / ...
- Dark Secret/The Outrageous Mr. Smith (1984) ... Amy's Stalker
- Don Quixote/The Sex Symbol (1980) ... Sterling the Playboy
- Nobody's There/The Dancer (1979) ... Dickie Devereaux
- The Stripper/The Boxer (1979) ... Russ McCoy
- Treasure Hunt/Beauty Contest (1978) ... Stu Chambers

1984 Last of the Great Survivors (TV Movie)...Jerry

1983 Automan (TV Series)...Kevin Mayhew
- The Great Pretender (1983) ... Kevin Mayhew

1983 Simon & Simon (TV Series)...Bucky
- Bon Voyage, Alonso (1983) ... Bucky

1983 Chained Heat...Martin

1982 Double Exposure...Adrian Wilde

1977-1981 Charlie's Angels (TV Series)...Darian Mason / Cass Harper
- Chorus Line Angels (1981) ... Darian Mason
- The Vegas Connection (1977) ... Cass Harper

1980 Scruples (TV Mini-Series)...Alan Wilton
- Episode #1.3 (1980) ... Alan Wilton
- Episode #1.2 (1980) ... Alan Wilton
- Episode #1.1 (1980) ... Alan Wilton

1979 Blind Ambition (TV Mini-Series)...Charles Colson
- Part IV (1979) ... Charles Colson
- Part III (1979) ... Charles Colson
- Part II (1979) ... Charles Colson
- Part I (1979) ... Charles Colson

1979 Tom Edison: The Boy Who Lit Up the World (TV Movie)...Mr. Cramer

1978 The Cat and the Canary...Paul Jones

1978 Vega$ (TV Series)...Ben Summers
- The Pageant (1978) ... Ben Summers

1978 Donner Pass: The Road to Survival (TV Movie)...William Eddy

1978 The Love Boat (TV Series)...Nate Jordan
- The Business of Love/Crash Diet Crisis/I'll Never Fall in Love Again (1978) ... Nate Jordan (as Michael Callen)

1977 Record City...Eddie

1977 The Bionic Woman (TV Series)...John Bernard
- Brain Wash (1977) ... John Bernard

1977 Hunter (TV Series)...Winston
- The Barking Dog (1977) ... Winston

1977 Delvecchio (TV Series)...Tommy 'Tea Bag' Richards
- Requiem for a Loser (1977) ... Tommy 'Tea Bag' Richards

1977 Quincy M.E. (TV Series)...William Farrell
- The Two Sides of Truth (1977) ... William Farrell

1976 Switch (TV Series)...Arnie
- The Girl on the Golden Strip (1976) ... Arnie (as Mickey Callan)

1976 Ellery Queen (TV Series)...Gary Swift
- The Adventure of the Tyrant of Tin Pan Alley (1976) ... Gary Swift

1975 S.W.A.T. (TV Series)...Frank Molloy
- Silent Night, Deadly Night (1975) ... Frank Molloy

1975 Medical Story (TV Series)...Tim Kramer
- An Air Full of Death (1975) ... Tim Kramer

1972-1975 Medical Center (TV Series)...Dr. Steve Carson
- The Velvet Knife (1975)
- Secret (1972) ... Dr. Steve Carson

1975 Barnaby Jones (TV Series)...Tim Darnell
- Poisoned Pigeon (1975) ... Tim Darnell

1974-1975 Police Story (TV Series)...Eddie Parent / Tommy Galvin / Willie
- The Man in the Shadows (1975) ... Tommy Galvin
- Glamour Boy (1974) ... Willie
- Countdown: Part 2 (1974) ... Eddie Parent
- Countdown: Part 1 (1974) ... Eddie Parent

1975 Lucas Tanner (TV Series)...Joe Atkins
- Why Not a Happy Ending? (1975) ... Joe Atkins

1975 Lepke...Robert Kane

1975 McMillan & Wife (TV Series)...Tommy Brown
- Night Train to L.A. (1975) ... Tommy Brown

1974 The Photographer...Adrian Wilde

1973 Griff (TV Series)...Wellman
- Her Name Was Nancy (1973) ... Wellman

1969-1973 Love, American Style (TV Series) (segment "Love and the Single Husband") / Mark (segment "Love and the Secret Habit") / (segment "Love and the Lady Athlete") / ...
- Love and the Games People Play/Love and High Spirits/Love and the Memento/Love and the Single Husband/Love and the Stutter (1973) ... (segment "Love and the Single Husband")
- Love and the Ghost/Love and the Out-of-Town Client/Love and the Secret Habit (1972) ... Mark (segment "Love and the Secret Habit")
- Love and the Lady Athlete/Love and the Lady Killers/Love and the New Size 8/Love and the Single Sister (1972) ... (segment "Love and the Lady Athlete")
- Love and Formula 26B/Love and the Loud Mouth/Love and the Penal Code (1971) ... (segment "Love and the Loud Mouth")
- Love and the Fuzz/Love and the Groupie/Love and the Housekeeper/Love and Women's Lib (1971) ... John (segment "Love and Women's Lib")
- Love and the Man Next Door (1970) ... Harvey (segment "Love and the Man Next Door")
- Love and the Dating Computer/Love and the Busy Husband/Love and the Watchdog (1969) ... Gary Holmes (segment "Love and the Watchdog")
- Love and a Couple of Couples/Love and the Hustler/Love and the Pill (1969) ... Gary Holmes (segment "Love and a Couple of Couples")

1973 Police Surgeon (TV Series)...Paul Shaver
- Judas Goat of Ebony Street (1973) ... Paul Shaver
- The Judas Goat of Ebony Street (1973) ... Paul Shaver

1973 Frasier, the Sensuous Lion...Marvin Feldman

1973 The ABC Afternoon Playbreak (TV Series)...Steve
- The Gift of Terror (1973) ... Steve

1966-1972 The F.B.I. (TV Series)...John Prentiss / Harry Springer / William Dean / ...
- The Outcast (1972) ... John Prentiss
- Gamble with Death (1969) ... Harry Springer
- Ring of Steel (1968) ... William Dean
- Quantico (1966) ... Charlie Hunter

1972 The Magnificent Seven Ride!...Noah Forbes

1972 Marcus Welby, M.D. (TV Series)...Greg Robbins
- Is It So Soon That I Am Done for - I Wonder What I Was Begun For? (1972) ... Greg Robbins

1972 Honeymoon Suite (TV Series)

1971 Funny Face (TV Series)...Ken
- A Crush on Sandy (1971) ... Ken

1971 Ironside (TV Series)...Cpl. William Eller
- Good Samaritan (1971) ... Cpl. William Eller

1971 The Mary Tyler Moore Show (TV Series)...Chuck Pelligrini
- Smokey the Bear Wants You (1971) ... Chuck Pelligrini

1970 The Name of the Game (TV Series)...Tommy Crail / Ronnie
- Aquarius Descending (1970) ... Tommy Crail
- Echo of a Nightmare (1970) ... Ronnie

1969 In Name Only (TV Movie)...Steve Braden

1969 That Girl (TV Series)...Bobby Miller
- Fix My Screen & Bug Out (1969) ... Bobby Miller

1968 Journey to the Unknown (TV Series)...Greg Richards
- Girl of My Dreams (1968) ... Greg Richards

1968 One Life to Live (TV Series)...Jack Simmons (1985-1987)

1968 Kiss Me Kate (TV Movie)...Bill Calhoun / 'Lucentio'

1968 The Felony Squad (TV Series)...Ticer Edwards
- The Love Victim (1968) ... Ticer Edwards

1966-1967 Occasional Wife (TV Series)...Peter Christopher
All 30 episodes

1964-1966 12 O'Clock High (TV Series)...Capt. Tony Powell / Sgt. Jim Driscoll
- Decoy (1966) ... Capt. Tony Powell
- The Suspected (1964) ... Sgt. Jim Driscoll

1965 You Must Be Joking!...Lieutenant Tim Morton

1965 Cat Ballou...Clay Boone

1964 Hazel (TV Series)...Kevin
- Welcome Back, Kevin (1964) ... Kevin

1964 The New Interns...Dr. Alec Considine

1964 Breaking Point (TV Series)...Gregory Costain
- I, the Dancer (1964) ... Gregory Costain

1964 Dr. Kildare (TV Series)...Charles Devereaux
- Quid Pro Quo (1964) ... Charles Devereaux

1963 The Victors...Eldridge

1963 Arrest and Trial (TV Series)...Pfc. George Valdez
- Tears from a Silver Dipper (1963) ... Pfc. George Valdez

1962 The Interns...Dr. Alec Considine

1962 Bon Voyage!...Nick O'Mara

1962 13 West Street...Chuck Landry

1961 Mysterious Island...Herbert Brown

1961 Gidget Goes Hawaiian...Eddie Horner

1960 Pepe...Dancer

1960 Because They're Young...Griff Rimer

1959 The Flying Fontaines...Rick Rias

1959 They Came to Cordura...Pvt. Andrew Hetherington

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--Answers to DEAD OR ALIVE--

Harold Sakata - DEAD (Cancer)
Born: 07/01/1920 Died: 07/29/1982

Robert Wagner - ALIVE
Born: 02/10/1930

Bill Daily - ALIVE
Born: 08/30/1927 Died: 09/04/2018


Closeout Event4/24
Saleh Ahmed, 83, Bangladeshi actor (Amar Ache Jol, Srabon Megher Din, Aguner Poroshmoni).
Jaroslav Kepka [cs], 83, Czech actor (Who Wants to Kill Jessie?, The End of Agent W4C, Konec básníku v Cechách).
Sergey Pogorelov, 44, Russian handball player, Olympic champion (2000).
Dick Rivers, 74, French rock and roll singer, cancer.

Stanislav Bernikov [ru], 65, Russian footballer.
Ravil Bikbaev [ru], 80, Russian poet.
Henry W. Bloch, 96, American businessman and philanthropist, co-founder of H&R Block.
Matthew Buckland, 44, South African internet entrepreneur and businessman, cancer.
Jim Dunbar, 89, American radio program director.
Mario Fabbrocino, 76, Italian mobster.
Fermo Favini, 83, Italian football player and executive.
George Haigh, 103, English footballer (Stockport County).
Jean, Grand Duke of Luxembourg, 98, Luxembourgish royal, Grand Duke (1964-2000), pulmonary infection.
Edward Kelsey, 88, English actor (The Archers, Danger Mouse).
Mark Medoff, 79, American playwright (When You Comin' Back, Red Ryder?, Children of a Lesser God) and screenwriter, Tony winner (1980), complications from a fall.
Juan José Muñante, 70, Peruvian footballer (Universatario, Pumas, national team), lung cancer.
Nils John Nilsson, 86, American computer scientist.
Igor Pervic [sr], 51, Serbian actor.
Tadeusz Plucinski, 92, Polish actor.
Terry Rawlings, 85-86, British film editor (Alien, Blade Runner, Chariots of Fire).
Peter Skipper, 61, English footballer (Hull City), complications from a stroke.
John Shorter Stevens, 85, American politician, member of the North Carolina House of Representatives (1969-1976).
Charity Sunshine Tillemann-Dick, 35, American soprano singer and presenter.

Krasimir Bezinski, 57, Bulgarian footballer (CSKA Sofia, Portimonense, national team), colorectal cancer.
Robert L. Butler, 92, American lawyer and politician, Mayor of Marion, Illinois (1963-2018).
Yasmim Gabrielle, 17, Brazilian singer, suicide.
Heather Harper, 88, Northern Irish soprano, Grammy winner (1980, 1985).
Alojzy Jarguz [pl], 85, Polish football referee, FIFA World Cup (1978, 1982).
Stanislaw Jedryka, 85, Polish film director (The Impossible Goodbye).
Simon Kaipuram, 65, Indian Roman Catholic prelate, Bishop of Balasore (since 2013).
Ventseslav Konstantinov, 78, Bulgarian writer, aphorist and translator.
Billy McNeill, 79, Scottish football player (Celtic, national team) and manager (Aberdeen), dementia.
John Quinn, 78, Canadian professional wrestler (NWA, WWWF).
Dave Samuels, 70, American percussionist (Spyro Gyra).
Taufan Gama Simatupang [id], 55, Indonesian regent of Asahan.
Oiva Toikka, 87, Finnish glass designer.
Julio César Toresani, 51, Argentine football player (River Plate, Boca Juniors) and manager (Colón), suicide by hanging.

Peter Colotka, 94, Slovak academic, lawyer and politician, Prime Minister of the Slovak Socialist Republic (1969-1988).
Hannelore Elsner, 76, German actress (Student of the Bedroom, The Black Forest Clinic, Die Kommissarin), cancer.
Jerusa Pires Ferreira [pt], 81, Brazilian professor, translator (Paul Zumthor) and essayist, Prêmio Jabuti laureate (1993), cancer.
Steve Golin, 64, American film producer (Spotlight, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, The Revenant), Oscar winner (2016), cancer.
David A. Hamburg, 93, American psychiatrist, ischemic colitis.
Aminul Haque, 76, Bangladeshi politician, MP (1991-2006), Minister of Posts and Telecommunications (2001-2006), liver cancer.
Polly Higgins, 50, Scottish environmentalist, cancer.
Horst Kassner, 81, German motorcycle road racer.
Ken Kercheval, 83, American actor (Dallas, Network, The Seven-Ups), pneumonia.
Anders Kihlström, 57, Swedish reality television contestant (Expedition Robinson), heart attack.
Rodrigo de Lima, 27, Brazilian mixed martial artist, hit-and-run.
Quentin Maré, 49, American actor.
Shantha Mayadunne, Sri Lankan chef, bombing.
Geoffrey Servante, 99, British veteran of the Spanish Civil War.
Doreen Spooner, 91, British photographer.
Amelia Vargas, 91, Cuban actress (Arroz con Leche, The Phantom of the Operetta, Cleopatra Was Candida) and dancer.

Bed Prakash Agarwal, 83, Indian politician, Odisha MLA (1974-1980, 1990-1995, 2000-2004, since 2009).
Joe Armstrong, 68, British computer scientist, designer of Erlang.
Jaroslaw Biernat, 58, Polish footballer (Eintracht Frankfurt, SG Union Solingen, SpVgg Bayreuth).
Ludek Bukac, 83, Czech ice hockey player and manager (Sparta Praha).
Reggie Cobb, 50, American football player (Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Green Bay Packers, New York Jets), heart attack.
Monir Shahroudy Farmanfarmaian, 96, Iranian artist.
Karl Grob, 72, Swiss footballer (Zürich, national team), heart failure.
Galina Kmit, 87, Russian photographer.
Braulio Lara, 30, Dominican baseball player (SK Wyverns), traffic collision.
S. Muthiah, 89, Indian historian.
Amar Pal, 96, Indian folk singer, heart attack.
David V. Picker, 87, American film executive (United Artists, Paramount Pictures) and producer (The Jerk), complications from colon cancer.
Jacqueline Saburido, 40, Venezuelan-American anti-drunk driving campaigner, cancer.
Valdiram, 36, Brazilian footballer (CR Vasco da Gama), beaten.
Jayne Wrightsman, 99, American philanthropist and fine arts collector.

Martin Böttcher, 91, German composer, arranger and conductor.
Zora Dirnbach, 89, Croatian journalist and writer.
Renald Knysh, 87, Belarusian artistic gymnastics coach.
William Krehm, 105, Canadian Trotskyist activist and Spanish Civil War veteran.
Philip Liner, 93, British-born New Zealand radio broadcaster (National Radio).
Massimo Marino, 59, Italian television presenter and actor.
Yuriy Pimenov, 61, Russian rower, Olympic silver medalist (1980).
Francis Sanziri, 62, Ghanaian military officer, heart attack.
MC Sapão [pt], 40, Brazilian singer, pneumonia.
Patrick Sercu, 74, Belgian cyclist, Olympic champion (1964).
Rodolfo Severino Jr., 82, Filipino diplomat, Secretary-General of the ASEAN (1998-2002), ambassador to Malaysia (1989-1992), complications from Parkinson's disease.
Verena Wagner Lafferentz, 98, German Wagner family member and associate of Adolf Hitler.
Xiao Yang, 80, Chinese judge, President of the Supreme People's Court (1998-2008), Minister of Justice (1993-1998).
Okiharu Yasuoka, 79, Japanese politician, Minister of Justice (2000, 2008), pancreatic cancer.

Con de Lange, 38, South African-born Scottish cricketer (Northamptonshire, national team), brain tumour.
Jameel Jalibi, 89, Pakistani linguist, writer and academic administrator, vice-chancellor of the University of Karachi (1983-1987).
Andrew Mallard, 56, British-born Australian wrongfully convicted prisoner, hit-and-run.
Lyra McKee, 29, Northern Irish journalist, shot.
Ira Neimark, 97, American retail executive (Bergdorf Goodman).
Ica Putrih, 77, Slovene comedian.
Eddie Tigner, 92, American blues keyboardist, singer and songwriter.
Irina Tsyvina [uk], 55, Russian actress (Yolki-palki).
Andreas Ugland, 93, Norwegian ship's engineer.
Lorraine Warren, 92, American paranormal investigator and author, subject of The Conjuring.
Siegmar Wätzlich, 71, German footballer (Dynamo Dresden, East Germany national team), Olympic bronze medalist (1972).