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March 29, 2019

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See if you know if the following celebrities have had a visit from the "Grim Reaper":

Jacques Tati: French film director known for his comedic works (in which he also appeared) about man and modern technology, films include "Mon Oncle" and "Playtime"

JoBeth Williams: She's appeared in "Poltergeist", "The Big Chill", "Kramer vs. Kramer", "Switch" and other movies

Sandra Dee: Starred in "Gidget", "A Summer Place", and other "teen" movies, known for her celebrity marriage to Bobby Darin

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Lauri Hendler

Learn More About and See Then & Now Pics of Lauri Hendler on Celebrity Nooz

BIRTH DATE: April 22, 1965 in Fort Belvoir, Virginia, USA

BIRTH NAME: Lauri Rachel Hendler

CLAIM TO FAME: Lauri Hendler is an American actress, best known for her role as middle child Julie Kanisky on Gimme a Break! (1981-1986).

FAMILY LIFE: Hendler is married to realtor Steven Reizes.

INFO: Lauri graduated from Beverly Hills High School in 1983.

Hendler is a member of SAG-AFTRA in Los Angeles.

During the 1980s, she also made frequent appearances on game shows including The $25,000 Pyramid, The $100,000 Pyramid, Super Password and Body Language.

TRIVIA: In 1981, she appeared with Kim Richards as one of two daughters of a blended family in the pilot Why Us?, but this was not picked up as a series. Shortly thereafter, she was cast in Gimme a Break.

She appeared in the games Saints Row, Saints Row 2, Saints Row: The Third and Saints Row IV as Jane Valderama, a news reporter and radio station DJ.

WHERE IS SHE NOW: Hendler a cast memeber of the dramatic horror thriller Voices, which is currently in post-production. No official release date has been announced.


2018 Get Shorty (TV Series)...Fran
- Pest Control (2018) ... Fran

2018 Nowhere to Hide...Dr. Greta Brinkman

2017 Two Sentence Horror Stories (TV Series)...Len
- Guilt Trip (2017) ... Len

2016 Veep (TV Series)...Heckler
- C**tgate (2016) ... Heckler

2015 The Middle (TV Series)...Teacher
- Cutting the Cord (2015) ... Teacher

2013 Saints Row IV (Video Game)...Jane Valderamma (voice, as Laurie Hendler)

2013 Shameless (TV Series)...Activist Mother
- Where There's a Will (2013) ... Activist Mother

2012 Southland (TV Series)...Buzby
- Thursday (2012) ... Buzby

2011 Saints Row: The Third (Video Game)...Jane Valderamma (voice)

2011 The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (Video Game)...Alea Qunitus / Colette Marence / Elda Early-Dawn / ... (voice)

2011 Torchwood (TV Series)...Angry Nurse
- Miracle Day: The New World (2011) ... Angry Nurse

2011 The Story Beyond the Still (Short)...Nurse 2

2008 Faux Baby (TV Series)...Carrie
- The Boob Ultimatum (2008) ... Carrie
- There Will Be Milk (2008) ... Carrie

2008 Saints Row 2 (Video Game)...Jane Valderama (voice)

2006 ER (TV Series)...Lenore Bee
- No Place to Hide (2006) ... Lenore Bee

2004 Strong Medicine (TV Series)...Suzanne Simmonds
- Cape Cancer (2004) ... Suzanne Simmonds

2004 Without a Trace (TV Series)...Mrs. Levine
- Wannabe (2004) ... Mrs. Levine

2001 Citizen Baines (TV Series)...Panero
- Lost and Found (2001) ... Panero
- The Appraisal (2001) ... Panero

2001 Becker (TV Series)...Mrs. Howarth
- Breakfast of Chumpions (2001) ... Mrs. Howarth

2000 The West Wing (TV Series)...Lawyer
- In the Shadow of Two Gunmen: Part II (2000) ... Lawyer

2000 Charmed (TV Series)...Socialite
- Pardon My Past (2000) ... Socialite

1996 Wing Commander Academy (TV Series)...Maya McEaddens / Nurse / Lindsay 'Payback' Price / ...
- Glory of Sivar (1996) ... (voice)
- Price of Victory (1996) ... (voice)
- Invisible Enemy (1996) ... (voice)
- Walking Wounded (1996) ... (voice)
- Recreation (1996) ... (voice)
- Expendable (1996) ... (voice)
- Word of Honor (1996) ... Nurse (voice)
- The Most Delicate Instrument (1996) ... Lindsay 'Payback' Price / Maya McEaddens (voice)
- The Last One Left (1996) ... Maya McEaddens (voice)
- Red and Blue (1996) ... Victoria (voice)

1993 Harry and the Hendersons (TV Series)...Mary
- The Long Goodbyes: Part 2 (1993) ... Mary
- Skin Deep (1993) ... Mary

1992 FernGully: The Last Rainforest...Additional Voice (voice)

1991 Eerie, Indiana (TV Series)...Fifi
- The Retainer (1991) ... Fifi (voice)

1989 The Flamingo Kid (TV Short)...Nikki Willis

1989 Heartbeat (TV Series)...Cleo Flemming
- Baby, Maybe (1989) ... Cleo Flemming

1987 Mr. Belvedere (TV Series)...Bobbi Bilinski
- Moonlighting (1987) ... Bobbi Bilinski

1978-1987 ABC Afterschool Specials (TV Series)...Diane Sherman / Carrie Mills / Teague Harrington
- Divorced Kids' Blues (1987) ... Diane Sherman
- A Family of Strangers (1980) ... Carrie Mills
- It Isn't Easy Being a Teenage Millionaire (1978) ... Teague Harrington

1981-1986 Gimme a Break! (TV Series)...Julie Kanisky / Julie Kanisky Maxwell
114 episodes

1983 High School U.S.A. (TV Movie)...Nadine

1981 Why Us? (TV Short)...Zoey Sanborn

1979-1980 A New Kind of Family (TV Series)...Hillary Flanagan
- The Breakup (1980) ... Hillary Flanagan
- No Smoking, Please (1980) ... Hillary Flanagan
- Fair Weather Friend (1979) ... Hillary Flanagan
- Is There a Gun in the House? (1979) ... Hillary Flanagan
- Thank You for a Lovely Evening (1979) ... Hillary Flanagan
- Andy's New Dad (1979) ... Hillary Flanagan
- Invasion of Privacy (1979) ... Hillary Flanagan
- The Overcharge (1979) ... Hillary Flanagan
- The Hero (1979) ... Hillary Flanagan
- Are You Sure Barnum and Bailey Started Like This? (1979) ... Hillary Flanagan
- I Do (1979) ... Hillary Flanagan

1980 Magnum, P.I. (TV Series)...Nancy
- Thank Heaven for Little Girls and Big Ones Too (1980) ... Nancy

1980 The Promise of Love (TV Movie)...Laurie

1980 Portrait of an Escort (TV Movie)...Mandy

1978-1979 ABC Weekend Specials (TV Series)...Little Lulu
- The Big Hex of Little Lulu (1979) ... Little Lulu
- Little Lulu (1978) ... Little Lulu

1979 The Child Stealer (TV Movie)...Andrea

1978 Three's Company (TV Series)...Laurie
- The Crush (1978) ... Laurie

1978 Lou Grant (TV Series)...5th Grader
- Dying (1978) ... 5th Grader

1978 CHiPs (TV Series)...Robin
- Neighborhood Watch (1978) ... Robin

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--Answers to DEAD OR ALIVE--

Jacques Tati - DEAD (Pneumonia)
Born: 10/09/1908 Died: 11/04/1982

JoBeth Williams - ALIVE
Born: 12/06/1948

Sandra Dee - DEAD (Kidney disease)
Born: 04/23/1942 DEAD: 02/20/2005


Closeout Event3/27
Friedrich Achleitner, 88, Austrian poet and architecture critic.
Ashitha, 62, Indian writer.
Pierre Bourguignon, 77, French politician.
Valery Bykovsky, 84, Russian cosmonaut (Vostok 5, Soyuz 22, Soyuz 31).
Jan Dydak, 50, Polish boxer, Olympic bronze medalist (1988).
John Permal, 72, Pakistani sprinter, pancreatic cancer.
Bruce Yardley, 71, Australian Test cricketer, cancer.

Michel Bacos, 95, French pilot (Air France Flight 139).
Ted Burgin, 91, English football player (Sheffield United, Leeds United, Rochdale) and manager.
Paul Dawkins, 61, American-Turkish basketball player (Utah Jazz, Galatasaray).
François Dubanchet, 95, French politician.
Yoji Harada, 46, Japanese tattoo artist and reality show personality (Miami Ink).
Rafael Henzel [pt], 45, Brazilian sports broadcaster, survivor of LaMia Flight 2933 crash, heart attack.
Immanuel Kauluma Elifas, 86, Namibian royal, Chief of Ondonga (since 1975).
Nazarudin Kiemas [id], 70, Indonesian politician.
Andrew Marshall, 97, American military and diplomatic advisor, director of Office of Net Assessment (1973-2015).
Miklós Martin, 87, Hungarian water polo player, Olympic gold medalist (1952, 1956).
Ali Mema, 76, Albanian footballer (Tirana, national team) and manager.
Master Fatman, 53, Danish comedian, film director (Gayniggers from Outer Space) and singer.
Bronco McLoughlin, 80, Irish stuntman (Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, Star Wars, Superman).
Nodar Mgaloblishvili, 87, Georgian actor (Centaurs, Formula of Love, Katala).
Daniel Nekonecný [cz], 52, Czech entertainer and musician.
Dimitri Polizos, 68, American politician, heart attack.
W. H. Pugmire, 67, American writer.
Ranking Roger, 56, British singer (The Beat, General Public), cancer.
Ana Real, 60, Nicaraguan-born American television journalist and news editor (CBS News, 60 Minutes, Associated Press Television News), leukemia.
Ahmad Syarwani Zuhri [id], 68, Indonesian Islamic scholar.

Edna Barker, 82, English cricketer (national team).
Luis Biava Sosa, 85, Colombian-born American violinist (Philadelphia Orchestra), conductor and music teacher.
Ordell Braase, 87, American football player (Baltimore Colts), complications from Alzheimer's disease.
Stylianos Harkianakis, 83, Australian Greek Orthodox prelate, Archbishop of Australia (since 1975).
Adolph Lawrence, 50, Liberian politician, member of the House of Representatives (since 2012), traffic collision.
Fred Malek, 82, American business executive, political advisor and philanthropist.
Gabriel Okara, 97, Nigerian poet and novelist.
Jean Price, 75, American politician, member of the Montana House of Representatives (2011-2019), pancreatic cancer.
Cal Ramsey, 81, American basketball player (St. Louis Hawks, New York Knicks, Syracuse Nationals), heart attack.
Sofía Rocha, 51, Peruvian actress, fall.
Jerry Schypinski, 87, American baseball player (Kansas City Athletics).
Bill Thompson III, 57, American ornithologist and publisher (Bird Watcher's Digest), pancreatic cancer.
Lyle Tuttle, 87, American tattoo artist.

James Barclay, 86, Scottish playwright and novelist, lung cancer.
Virgilio Caballero Pedraza, 77, Mexican journalist and politician.
Marian Cebulski [pl], 95, Polish actor.
Pancracio Celdrán, 77, Spanish professor and journalist.
Laktemir Dztiev, 68, Russian film and theater actor (Pirates of the 20th Century).
Michael Lynne, 77, American studio executive (New Line Cinema) and film producer (The Lord of the Rings, A Nightmare on Elm Street).
Marty Noble, 70, American sportswriter (Newsday,
Desmond Dudwa Phiri, 88, Malawian historian and economist.
Joseph Pilato, 70, American actor (Day of the Dead, Pulp Fiction, Digimon).
Robert W. Sweet, 96, American judge, U.S. District Judge for Southern New York (since 1978).

Ryan Brant, 49, American businessman, founder of Take-Two Interactive, cardiac arrest.
Philomena Canning, 59, Irish midwife and women's health advocate, ovarian cancer.
Tudor Caranfil, 87, Romanian film critic.
Lina Cheryazova, 50, Uzbek freestyle skier, Olympic champion (1994).
Larry Cohen, 82, American film director (It's Alive, The Stuff) and screenwriter (Phone Booth).
Clem Daniels, 81, American football player (Oakland Raiders).
Domingos de Oliveira [pt], 82, Brazilian film director, screenwriter and actor.
Jacques Dessemme, 93, French Olympic basketball player (1952).
Denise DuBarry, 63, American actress (Black Sheep Squadron, Being There), producer and marketer, fungal infection.
Rafi Eitan, 92, Israeli intelligence officer and politician, member of the Knesset (2006-2009) and Minister of Pensioner Affairs (2006-2009).
James Carroll Fox, 90, American federal judge, U.S. District Judge for Eastern North Carolina (1982-2017).
Victor Hochhauser, 95, Slovak-born British music promoter.
Shahnaz Rahmatullah, 67, Bangladeshi singer, heart attack.

Jack Absalom, 91, Australian painter and adventurer.
Frans Andriessen, 89, Dutch politician, Minister of Finance (1977-1980), European Commissioner (1981-1993).
Dino De Antoni, 82, Italian Roman Catholic prelate, Archbishop of Gorizia (1999-2012).
Prudent Carpentier, 97, Canadian politician, member of the National Assembly of Quebec (1970-1976).
Valentina Dvoryaninova [ru], 91, Russian singer.
César Lévano, 92, Peruvian journalist and teacher.
Hugh T. Lightsey, 93, American politician, member of the South Carolina House of Representatives (1965-1971).
Keyonta Marshall, 37, American football player (Philadelphia Eagles, Hamburg Sea Devils).
Art Mazmanian, 91, American baseball player and manager (Newark Orioles, Oneonta Yankees).
Charles A. Miller, 81, American political scientist, oropharyngeal and esophageal dysphagia.
Jim Moody, 83, American politician, member of the Wisconsin State Assembly (1977-1978), Wisconsin State Senate (1979-1982) and the U.S. House of Representatives (1983-1993).
Arlen Ness, 79, American motorcycle designer and entrepreneur.
Ginny Pace, 88, American television personality.
C. S. Shivalli, 58, Indian politician, heart attack.
Scott Walker, 76, American-born British singer-songwriter (The Walker Brothers), composer and record producer.

Arkadiy Aladyin, 61, Russian drummer (Alexander Rosenbaum, Poyushchiye Gitary).
John Bersia, 62, American writer.
Anna Maria Canopi, 87, Italian Benedectine abbess and spiritual writer.
Mike Cofer, 58, American football player (Detroit Lions), amyloidosis.
Marcel Detienne, 83, Belgian historian.
Anthony Dickerson, 61, American football player (Dallas Cowboys), injuries sustained in a fall.
Yuri Grigoriev [ru], 86, Russian architect.
Gordon Hill, 90, English football referee.
R. Kanagaraj, 67, Indian politician, member of the Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly, heart attack.
Gonzalo Portocarrero, 69, Peruvian sociologist, lung cancer.
Francis Quinn, 97, American Roman Catholic prelate, Bishop of Sacramento (1980-1993).
Nicola Sgrò [it], 81, Italian composer and conductor.
Haku Shah, 85, Indian artist, cardiac arrest.
Paul Kouassivi Vieira, 69, Beninese Roman Catholic prelate, Bishop of Djougou (since 1995).
Pyotr Zaychenko, 75, Russian film and theater actor (Planet Parade, Taxi Blues, Leningrad 46).
Margarita Zharova [ru], 93, Russian actress (The Young Guard, Tale About the Lost Time, Carnival).