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Phunny Pictures - September 15, 2018

Howdy Folks,

I've been seriously serious about taking a vacation some wheres other than 'Jimbo's Bowl-A-Rama'.

The wife and I have been a talkin about gettin away to a little getaway location. We can't afford to go to far or stay too long, but a bit of a trip would do us both some good.

Were considerin a few destinations for our adventure. We'd like to make our way to places that sound exotic and would have drinks with them little umbrellas in 'em.

Here's are a few possibles... 1. Cucamonga 2. Cheboygan 3. Saskatchewan 4. Woonsocket, RI (Sounds Classy) 5. Bucksnort, TN

Well, we'll have to narrow our choices down to see which tropical location the Jethros will be at enjoying an ice cold drink will laying by the pool in our undershorts. I can't wait.

Take Care Y'all

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Here's the Top caption submissions as incompetently judged by Jethro:

This car gets 3 gallons of milk per mile.

Let's get this car mooving!

Cow-A-Bunga dude, nice car!

that is one big hood ornament

Now that's how you tip a cow!

175 horsepower under the hood, 1 cowpower on the hood.

BMW (Bovine MotorWorks!)

Rejected idea for the 2019 Ford Taurus.

If I can't go, you can't go.

Honey, I said I only wanted the horns mounted on the car, not the whole darn cow!

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