Subscibe to DEAL OF THE DAY
Tennis anyone?
It's a dog eat dog world out there!
What does the fox see?
I just can't BEAR to look!
My belly button is filthy!
Check out my poker face!
With all this shoveling I'm gonna be dinosore tomorrow!
Can't stay, babe. I gotta bounce!
Hey baby wanna check out my package?
Santa needs to watch his weight anyway.
Does this mean that we are engaged?
That's TMI, dude!
It's been a very long year
Get in your room!
Why did you name him Cascade?
Going to the beach? I can dig it!
Who's got a harvest hangover?
Relax Michael Meyers, I'm on the job.
This hold music is so soothing
My lunch is haunting me
How come HE has teeth and I don't?
Next time I'll get an Uber.
Souper Cats!
At least they're unsalted!
Your cousin has his own video game?
I Need to Find a Litterbox Now!
Did you see a worm swim by here?
Can you pass me the iron?
What do you expect? I'm inbred.
Um, you're home early!
I've gotta secret. Wanna hear it?
I wish these Flashbacks would end!
I told you not to put this in the wash!
Want to split a bag of oats?
Did you say tuna?
This is doggone tasty!
Are you gonna eat that?
Did you see a cat run through here?
Let me get that lens smudge for you...
This belly isn't gonna rub itself
May the flush be with you.
The service here is un-bear-able
They're opening the beaches up already!?
I heard you knocking, but you can't come in!
Who put this pole here?
Dude, you seriously need a breath mint!
How do you stop this thing?
This monkey business isn't as easy as it looks.
I'm on the fence about where to go.
That's snout funny!