Subscibe to DEAL OF THE DAY
Captain Hook in the 21st century
That is one majestic beak you got there.
I rolled over and played fabulous!
I learned this from Bigfoot.
These pancakes are table lickin' good!
This is how Tarzan got his yell!
I'm not a baby, but I play one on TV.
It all goes great until there's a sneeze.
One of the neighborhood girls is a real dog.
Yes! I have been flossing. Thanks for noticing.
Sometimes you feel like a nut...
I am making a spectacle of myself!
I find doing my hair a little ruff.
Does the forecast call for rain, deer?
I try to keep abreast of all the fashion trends.
Have you met my dog Blizzard?
So that's how you get that new dog smell?
There's a big sneeze a coming.
This way to the ball pit, my love!
No bills please.
No such thing as a free dog treat
I'm gonna make like a tree and get outta here.
I don't fly coach!
I just want to make up with daddy
That's what I call a bird bath!
That new player really bugs me
I've heard of a lap dog, but a couch dog?
Well these pups are spirited.
Did I hear somebody say they needed their ears cleaned?
She's the pride of our group
I don't take up a lot of space
I've got a bone or 7 to pick with you!
This babysitter is a real dog.
We're out of Charmin again
Can I have some shampoo please!
This is so much easier to use than my flip phone.
I can't stand for this, but I can sit.
Just be grateful it isn't chili
After I pick it, I'm gonna flick it
I thought this was a trampoline!
I'm doing fitness - fittin' dis pizza in my mouth.
My life is definitely in the toilet.
It's either this or Greyhound!
dog car
I think I'm koalafied for this position.
You're gonna need a bigger Kleenex.
Fun things to do with a device that freezes time!
Good to the last drop
Don't sneeze, don't sneeze, don't sneeze...
Maybe I'll get him a hat for his birthday.