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August 14, 2018

Start a fire even in water? YES!

Hello Everyone,

Everyone loves saving money, and there are many ways you can
save a pretty penny around the house.

This week I'll be featuring hints on how to save your pocketbook
a few bucks! Let's start off with this one...

Sure it might seem easier to grab lunch while out, but brown bagging
can save you a lot of cash each week. It's also especially helpful for
those who just can't step out of the office or need more willpower to
stick with a healthy lunch.

Handy Hints Holly

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Hint 1: Grow your own herbs! It will save you money and it
tastes better than buying from your local grocery store

Herbs can easily be grown indoors on a small windowsill or
outside in pots or gardens.

They will help you save on buying expensive grocery store jars
of seasonings, will taste fresher, and can be easily dried and stored.

Hint 2: Generic vs Name Brand - Go with generic when you can!

There are great savings to be had with certain generic brands in every supermarket.

Often the generic options are just as good, if not better, than some of
their pricier brand name counterparts.

In fact, many store or "private label" brands are manufactured
by the same companies that make the name brands.