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Cold winter days. and frozen car locks.
A simple trick to keep yourself and your family healthier and happier.
Easy tips to maximize winter heating.
How do you clean down pillows and comforters?
Don't give up on that last bit of ketchup and mustard.
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2 ingredient cleaning formulas.
Stains and smells.
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Holiday Cookies, Poinsettias and more.
Decorating with Salvaged Materials.
'Tis the season to deck your home in some holiday perfect plants.
These aren't the hints we want, but they're the hints we need.
Don't let household stains make you salty.
The miracle mineral you can use on a ton of household jobs.
Baked on casserole gunk and candle wax tips.
Whoop-de-do and hickory dock.
Snow, slush and soggy shoes.
Can't miss hair tips.
Tackling the dreaded cleanup.
Too many cooks spoil the turkey.
I'm here to help make your turkey day a little easier.
Safest, easiest ways to make yourself comfortable in cold weather.
Easy ways to keep your home healthy during cold and flu season.
Fight cold season with these proven home therapies.
The best ways to use cooking spray and vinegar outside of the kitchen.
Think twice before you toss salt over your shoulder.
Restore your dishwasher's cleaning power.
Handy Hints gets spicy.
Tackle Hard-Water Buildup with Lemons
Did you know you can freeze chocolate?
Rice, rubber bands and salt.
The trick to deep frying with no oil and no mess.
Where do 130 million old cell phones go each year?
If you're not freezing this, you should.
Get more use out of your freezer with these easy tips.
Easy ways to stretch your essentials and your budget.
Things you never thought you could do with a potato.
What to do with old newspaper.
Handy fridge hacks.
It can do a lot more than deodorize your fridge.
A few easy tips to give your potted plants some lovin'.
We're not done with ACV yet.
Body Hacks to improve your everyday life.
These oils are essential.
Firepit season is almost here.
A-C-V, Easy as 1-2-3.
The magical elixir every household should have.