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Who doesn't enjoy a hot shower?
You're losing muscle and balance.
Redecorate for pennies on the dollar.
I haven't tried this little trick just yet, but I love the idea!
Do you clip coupons, or do coupons clip you?
Have you ever tried the kitchen towel cutting board trick?
Windex is not just for mirrors and windows anymore.
This is for anyone who loves fresh strawberries, raspberries and blueberries.
Get Rid of Soup Fat
Winter can dry out your hair just like it dries out your skin.
Salt, Brown Sugar and Herbs.
Can't find coconut oil? Petroleum jelly works too.
Reduce window fog with silica packets
Today's issue is a bit a different than your typical Handy Hints.
This simple trick tames clumpy plastic wrap.
Have you ever stripped in the laundry room?
When was the last time you thought about your your toilet brush?
A clever use for hand sanitizer that could get you out of a jam.
Don't go broke staying warm during winter months.
Can you wash down pillows and comforters?
How Long Should You Use Your Bath Towel Without Washing It?
You'll be surprised at the uses for common throw away item!
These DIY cleaners are made out of only 2 ingredients.
Which Hazel? This Hazel.
Carpet stains... It's dish liquid to the rescue.
Do you shovel or use a snow blower?
Salt and coffee... salt and wine!
Keep your Poinsettias vibrant with this simple trick.
Start thinking about decorating on December 26th.
Make wreaths last longer with hairspray.
Getting salty.
The holiday season means 2 things; parties and cold, sloppy weather.
Rubbing alcohol solves one of your big winter blues.
DIY hair mask for split ends.
Treat your skin with natural acids.
There's no better time than now to do some seasonal maintenance.
Keep a busy kitchen from feeling too crowded.
Preparing for Thanksgiving is all about priorities.
Easy and effective home remedies for fighting a cold.
Use cooking spray to remove soap scum in shower.
Every diner waitress' favorite trick.
Dishwasher not doing the job these days?
Do you know the difference between a spice and an herb?
Get rid of hard-water buildup on a faucet, with this natural solution
Next time you have a sore neck, don't reach for an electric heating pad.
When kids want to trick-or-treat by themselves.
Freezer tricks.
This is how you add days to beef.
Potato tips.
Transform your fridge into a money, time and health saver.