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June 27, 2018

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Hello Everyone,

Today you aren't going to get just 2 Handy Hints, but I
have featured 5! Yep, you read that right...5 hints in
today's issue.

If you have any tip and tricks you use cooking, cleaning,
doing laundry, garden, or anything that can save time or
money email me so I can share with the rest of the readers.

Handy Hints Holly

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Hint 1: Name brand vs. generic

Admittedly, not all things generic taste the same when it
comes to prepared foods. But there is so much money to be
saved buying the store brand in pantry staples, medications,
breakfast cereals, and more.

My rule: always go for generic unless you have a super good
reason not to.

Hint 2: No chicken/beef broth but your recipe calls for it? No

If a recipe calls for chicken or beef broth, make your own by
using chicken or beef bouillon cubes or granules. The ratio
is 1 cube or 1 heaping teaspoon of granules to 1 cup water.

Hint 3:

A leaf of lettuce dropped in a pot of soup absorbs grease
from the top.

Hint 4: It's always cheaper to make it at home

The cost of a pre-packaged snack or desert is can way more
expensive than if you make it at home. You can make a whole
pan of brownies for less than $3 but may pay $2.50 or more
for one pre-packaged brownie at a coffee shop.

Hint 5:

Save your Parmesan rinds (or any hard cheese rind) after you
finish off the cheese and store it in a sealed bag in the
freezer. It can be used to add intense flavor to broths, soups,
and stews by adding it to the simmering liquid for 20 to 30