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May 2, 2018

Hello Everyone,

Looking to give your landscaping a bit of a 'face-lift', but don't want to spend a fortune doing so? The Solar powered garden lights 8-pk is just what you need!

These look fabulous lining the pathway to your home, surrounding your deck or pool and even in your garden. The soft, subtle ambient lighting doesn't have to cost a fortune, but neighbors will think you did! Simply stunning with the stainless-steel finish.

They charge all day and stay on all night. What could be easier?

Solar-Powered Garden Lights - 8pk

Handy Hints Holly

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Hint 1:

Use cold water whenever possible. This uses up a lot less energy, which will cut back on your costs, and it will help to preserve the colors in your clothing. Warm water causes colors to bleed, whereas cold water minimizes this impact.

Additionally, cold water is much gentler to delicate fabrics. You can make your clothes last years longer this way.

Hint 2: Laundry...laundry...laundry

If it isn’t dirty, don’t clean it!

We are trained to wash our clothing after every wear, but a lot of clothes simply are not dirty after you wear them once. If it still smells fine and looks great, why wash it? Wear it again. If you want, you can spritz a little vinegar on and then hang it outside on the clothes line to air out for a bit. This saves time and energy and money.