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Phunny Pictures - April 28, 2018

Howdy Folks,

Why does everythin taste like chicken? I've always wondereded that. Everywheres you go and get a bite to eat they saw that say the meat tastes like chicken.

Is it because it does? It is because chickens are universallee tastee? Maybe its because that we have to catch chicken before we eat them and because of this we feel a sense of supiriority over them beaked feather flappers? Is chicken more widely available than any of the other foods that taste like it? Or is it just fun to say "chicken"?

Just say "chicken" and try not to smile... and drool a little... and then look to see if you have a good supply of BBQ sauce in your house. Dang it, I'm hungry! I'm gonna get me a bucket and then listen to some Winger. Get it!?

Take Care Y'all

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I think you're lioning about that one.

It wasn't THAT funny!

Who told her she's funny?

And then I told him, "If I'm Lion I'm dyin!"

Oh, Leo, you really crack me up!

That wasn't a roar. I just farted.

Did you hear the one about the two lions who entered the bar?

I'd laugh, but I've heard this already

Hurry up and rain!! I'm soooo thirsty!

He thinks tonight is "The" night!

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