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Phunny Pictures - April 21, 2018

Howdy Folks,

I guess yesterday was 4/20 and it was a big day in the weed community.

I don't care much about weed. Just that I don't like 'em in my yard so I get pullin 'em once the show themselfs.

So, with the warmer weather, I went out and picked my yard clean of those nasty dudes. And to celebrate the 4/20, I did a nice thing and put all of the weed in boxes and placed them on the curb withh a sign that read: Free Weed! There was a line of VW buses goin all a way round the block all day long.

Hey, I'm giver!

Take Care Y'all

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I've had ice cream on my mind since my haircut.

Let's get inside - I think my hair is starting to melt.

Waiter there's a drink in my hair!

You'll get permanent brain-freeze that way.

I am the employee of the month at the ice cream shop!!

At least it isn't as messy as the real thing!!!

This isn't what she expected when she asked for a "cool" haircut.

Excuse me - there's a hair in your drink...

Is there a hair in your a drink or a drink in your hair?

Thats a haircut that'll keep you cool all summer long.

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