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Phunny Pictures - March 17, 2018

Howdy Folks,

I've been watchin a lot of moovies lately. My local video store went out of busines so I bought up a bunch of them DVDs of movies that ive always wanted to watch with my eyes.

Now I'm bad with the names of things. People, place, movies, pets, stuff. You know how it goes..

So here are a list of some of the movies i picked up, the names are what I remember without readin the case since they arent around to look at. Maybe you can figure it outt.

Here we go...

1. Batman Starts
2. Wonder Lady
3. Spider-Man: Homecookin
4. A Clockwork Orange Julius
5. The Treasure of Sara Madre
6. The Best Escape
7. No Country for Old Guys
8. Cold Hand Luke
9. Ben-Him

Some good flicks, right? Now all i got too do is get some popcorn. And nachoes! and a bucket of popcorn shrimp. Is it me or should more foods come in popcorn size? Thats a nother topik for a nother time.

Take Care Y'all

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Seize Her Salad!

Why you should never get drunk at a vegan convention.

From that day forward, he was known simply as 'Salad Man'!


How about some dressing & croutons.

"This new Beauty Mask better be worth the effort!"

What can I say, I'm not eating right

Remember to get plates.

Clearly, I'm getting all my vegetables, but I'm still not eating right.

And you're sure this will make my skin look years younger?

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