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Phunny Pictures - November 25, 2017

Howdy Folks,

Well, i am ofishilly stuffed full of thanksgivin' grub. I ate so much that i won't need to eat dinner for at least two and a half to three weeks time. It was good eatin'.

Now I must get to trainin' myself to b able to button my pants once again. I was a bit shocked that I could do such a trivial task when i got myself up this mornin'. I'm goin to get to workin' out like that boxin' Rocky guy in that movie that I can't remember the name of.

I guess I'll be doin a ton of sit-ups, push ups, chin ups, pop ups, pull ups, pick ups, up grades, up-and-at-ems and upper cuts to get into some great shape. I just hope I'm up to it.

It's either that or bigger pants. and i hate goin clothes shoppin'.

Take Care Y'all

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Hey Rex - didn't I have a sandwich on there?

So tuckered out, I couldn't reach the...Zzzzzz

Man, I am just dog tired!

I think I will "paws" here.

This pup is pooped!

The chair is armed with a sleeping dog.

This us why you should never ask your dog to fetch your inhaler.

That's my dog. His name is inbetween.

Now, that's a bark-o-lounger!

I thought he was a lap dog, not a nap dog.

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