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Phunny Pictures - November 5, 2016

Howdy Folks,

I guess that daylight saving time thing is a comin today or tonight or this morning... i think?

I hate it when the time gets changed and you lose an hour or you gain an hour. It's like lazy time travel.

Why cant we leave time alone? Time is a constant. Why do we always got to change stuff? This coming from the guy that still won't chnage the clock from flashing 12:00 on his VCR. I won't change it because i'm not techinologically smartened. So time kind of stands still with me.

WHat time is it?

Take Care Y'all

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Here's the Top caption submissions as incompetently judged by Jethro:

I got this faucet licked.

WHAT?!? I was thirsty!!

No! Seriously dude! I turned on the facet and this cat poured out.

Stupid humans building this thing upside-down!

It may be harder, but it sure beats the toilet water.

HELP! My tongue ith thuck!!!!

Faucet cleaning service, call for estimates.

The things I have to do to get a drink around here!

More than one way to water a Cat

Well, if you'd fill my water bowl once in a while I wouldn't need to do this.

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