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Phunny Pictures - April 11, 2015

Howdy Folks,

Well, i looks like Spring Break is here again. Hows that a good thing?

Why the heck would we want a break from Spring all ready? It started like three weeks ago, right? The snow is gone. The cold is gone. Winter took a fast train out a town. That's all good stuff in my book...which has alot of pictures in it.

Truth be told, i like spring. Spring is a nice time a year. The trees, grass, and flowers come on back and it puts everybody, even the rodents and such in a good mood.

I think Spring Break should forever becalled, "Spring Broke."

Hey, better than my second choice: "Spring Enjoyment Super Fun Happytime." I don't know, I kind of like the second better now that I wrote it out.

Take Care Y'all

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"Since I love you so much, I'll tell you how you can save 15% on your auto insurance...."

Okay 5,6,7,8 Cha Cha Cha, step and turn Cha Cha Cha...

Iguana dance with you

how little purses are made

Lizard Lovin'

I'm goanna make love to you...

Who says were cold blooded?!

Don't worry about it Honey....they can treat reptile dysfunction.

ohhh, so happy you didn't become shoes

reunited and it feels so good

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