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Phunny Pictures - October 24, 2015

Howdy Folks,

My wife told me a phunny story the other day. She said that our youngest boy told her that that they other night he got up in use the water closest and he saw a werewolf.

She asked him wear he saw this werewolf and he told her that this supposed werewolf was in our kitchen lookin in the refridgerater.

She assured him that he was just imaginin things and not to worry cuz there wasn't no werewolfs.

Then my wife told me that i was really gonna have to do something about my body hair issues or stop eatin midnight snacks... or both!

Take Care Y'all

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Who is that gorgeous creature in the mirror? Oh it is me!!!

Are you my twin?'s true! I AM closer than I appear!

Wait. Is that a wrinkle?

Are you looking at me?!

"Man, you is Ugly!"

Is he mocking ME?

Who's this dorky-looking...wait a second...that's ME!?

Watch the birdie!

Hey you look really familiar

Damn, I wish I were rich instead of so damn good looking.

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