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Phunny Pictures - June 6, 2015

Howdy Folks,

It seems that i always have to sneeze at the most inapropriot of times but I cant help it. Like today for example, I was helpin my Uncle Dickie put on his fake hair on his head when suddenly i felt a tickle in my nose holes.

I tried to fight the urge to engage in a nasal snot launchin, but my resolve was wearin down fast. I tried thinkin about baseball, what i wanted to eat for supper, my favorite Hee-Haw episode, but nothing was gonna stop this thing. All i could do was try and throw on the toupee, which is french for "hair hat", before that sneezer left my face.

Well, i tryed my best, but my sneeze hit his bald head right before the hair did. When Dickie asked me if I sneezed on his head I told him, "Of coarse i did. That's whats really gonna hold that hair in place."

Ya see, I nose how to talk my way out of things.

Take Care Y'all

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