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Phunny Pictures - May 2, 2015

Howdy Folks,

Yesterday was my Uncle Dad's birthday. We was a turnin 81 years old so we had a big ol' party for the geezer amd it was a blast.

We had beer and some snack cakes and some tater chips and some beer and some punch and we played pin the tail back on the possum and we played bobbin for onions and we also played 'wheres my teeth.' It was alot of phun.

it was alot until, well, Uncle Dad burned off his beard while attemptin to blow out his birthday candles/flairs. The cake wasn't too bad, you just had to eat around the singed beard hair is all. We call that kind of cake a "Hot Fuzz" cake.

I had so much phun at this party that I missplaced my pants. You haven't see em have ya? I guuess that a sign of a good party. Wouldn't you agree?

Take Care Y'all

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I'm a cat rollup!

swadling is supposed to be in a soft blanket

It's a wrap!!!

Now, in select cans of Pringles...

Tube cat. Is that like squeeze cheese?

"This funny cigarette will make you cat-a-tonic!"'s how I roll.

not another peek a boo caption

This is what Alf would call a "Melmac burrito."

Put the knife and fork DOWN!! NOW!!

How much postage is required??

"Please, let the cat out of the bag"

All wrapped up and nowhere to go!

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