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Phunny Pictures - November 14, 2015

Howdy Folks,

My daughter Iris and me took our pooch Milo to the vet. It was time for his shots and for the doc to give him the once over so we headed right on over to his office.

The vet was nice and he asked my lil girl what brought here in. She said, in the cutest way posibull, "My buddy Milo needs, to get his shots, he needs a bath, a hair cut, and he needs to get checked for worms."

The vet smiled and said, "Sweetie, we take care of dogs and cats here. Not people."

Tris laughd and said, "Oh, that's my Daddy. The dog is down here."

Apparently, I need some "landscapin" done. But no worms though.

Take Care Y'all

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