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Phunny Pictures - September 19, 2015

Howdy Folks,

I was so proud the other day. I had noticed that my oldest boy, Birch, has started to grow himself his very 1st mustash. It's amazin'! They get grown up so darn fast, don't they?

So I wanted to cellebrate my boy becomin a man and so forth so I got him a few things. I bought him a fancy 'stache comb, the first season of Magnum PI on DVD, and I went on ebay and got an autographed photo of actor/pitchman Sam Elliot.

I wrapped up these commemorative items and presented them to my hairy young'un. He was all excited for this unexpected gift, then he opened it. By the look on his fuzzy face i knew he knew why I gave these items to him.

He looked at me with tears in his eyes and whimpered, "Dad, I don't want to look like grandma!"

That really took me be sirprize, but he's makes a good point. So I got him a few shavers and some of that nifty shavin foam. He enjoyed it very much. I taught my boy how to shave and he taught me that if anyone is a gonna need a fancy 'stache comb it's my mom... or my sister Merlyn.

Take Care Y'all

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Some days you're the sitter - others you're the seat.

Of course I don't know where he is! Why do you ask?

Too pooped to puppy

best seat in the house

It was either heads or tails.

New wresting move I developed I call the Butt butt, like a head butt except it smells more.

Taking dog sitting to the extreme

I call that one "sithead"

Well, we got lay down and sit covered.

What do you mean, "Switch positions?"

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