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Phunny Pictures - August 1, 2015

Howdy Folks,

Today was great. My neighbors pitched in together and bought my kin and me a new air condishner for the trailer. Oh, and I made 60 bucks too!

I guess running naked through the sprinkler in the front yard for six hours is what it takes to get y'all a new air condishner.

The 60 bucks on the other hand was a tip from Mrs. Webster from to doors down. She said I put on a good show. I guess I still got my moves!

Take Care Y'all

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"Sealed with a kiss!"

Whew, your breath could knock a buzzard off a gut wagon!!

Whatever you do, don't sneeze!

Umm, let's just be friends.

I got to stop using online dating...

Is there anybody in there?

come on man grow your own moustache

The walrus and the carpenter

Somethings fishy!

OK, but this is a far as I go on a first date.

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