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Phunny Pictures - September 12, 2015

Howdy Folks,

I hate when I lock my keys in my truck. It's the worstest feelin' in the world. I've locked my keys in my truck for a grand total of 37 times. I just can't seem to avoid it.

The worst time was when I locked the family inside with the keys. I almost had to call in the National Gard. It was quite a night.

Hey, where are my keys?!

Take Care Y'all

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I'm just having a bad hair day!


I'm here for "Licker's Anonymous"

It puts the bone in the basket...

The cat will never recognize me now!

Jet fan getting ready for a new season.

After messing on the rug, Jake entered the witness protection program.

Trick or Treat! I mean, Arf, arf...

My name is Shia, and I'm not famous anymore....

Sorry, I thought my lunch was in here.

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