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Phunny Pictures - February 6, 2016

Howdy Folks,

You will never eveer guess what happened to me today. Well, to save a little bit of time Ill just tell y'all.

I was grillin' outside because it and when I say it I mean the weather has been so nice latelee that I desided to grill dinner outdoors. I was so exsiteed to grill thAT i forgot to take off my scarf until it fell on the grill and started on fire.

I did get the scarf off in the nick of time, but It got fused to my coat so I scrapped it off with a ice scrapper and then the family and I enjoyed and lovely dinner consistin of steak and cajun style scarf.

I guess the lesson is don't wear loose clothing while you grill. and don't cook naked. I still wear and athletic supporter, just in case.

Take Care Y'all

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most things in life are easier to get into than out of.

This seemed like a good idea when I started to do this!!!

Pickled cat anyone???

Now, just have to get my tail in and Guinness Book of World Records here I come.

Keep sending in your bottle cats to earn great prizes!

Haven't you seen Cat-sup in a bottle before?

Cat Glass Fever!

Cardboard boxes and paper bags? Those are for amateurs!

Elf on the shelf is so last year. We prefer our kitty in a jar.

From the makers of Cat-in-a-Box, Cat-in-a-Bowl, and Basket Cat... it's Cat-in-a-Jar!

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