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Phunny Pictures - January 2, 2016

Howdy Folks,

Now that the holiday season is behind us i am takin a little time to relax and recover. The wife and i are goin to a Bed of Breakfast. No, not a Bed 'n Breakfast, a Bed of Breakfast.

It's this new place that lets you sleep a bed made out of giant pancakes, waffles, french toast, toast, crepes, hash browns, etc. etc. etc. It's gives a hole new meanin to 'Breakfast in Bed'.

It's a great place and a great idea. and you don't have to feel badd about eatin yer pillow neither.

Take Care Y'all

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I am Snow Dog, fear me!!

Where is that bone I buried?!! I know it is right here!!!!

Police dog uncovers major cocaine shipment.

Wow! That sure cures a hangover!

Hey, this stuff is cool!

baby its cold outside

But I thought you said you wanted a chilly dog!

Brain freeze!!!


Hot Dog? Far from it!

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