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August 16, 2018

Full Size American Flag For $4.99

Hello Everyone,

It may sound crazy, but we sometimes forget that coins carry
value. If you have loose change in your wallet or purse, you're
more likely to spend it... or lose it in the depths of your car
or couch cushions.

By putting your excess daily change into a jar, you're
preventing frivolous spending. And once you have a healthy stash,
you can take your coins to the bank and deposit them. More

Handy Hints Holly

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Hint 1: Cut the cable cord

Cutting cable is likely the easiest way to save money every

The average cable bill is now almost $110 per month.

There is no reason to spend this much to get television content
as there are so many cheaper options available.

Stream Hulu or Netflix to the get the shows you want - both
charge about $10 a month.

Or invest in a digital antenna like this one to get local channels:
Paper-Thin Indoor TV Antenna

Hint 2: Buying on sale just because it's on sale

We've all been guilty of this. We purchase items just because
they're on sale. But, do you really need that new pair of
jeans just because they're 15% off?

Instead of spending your money on the things that you don't
need just because they're sale, make a note of the what you
do need and then wait for them to go on sale.If you're like
most people, this adds up to be over $250 a month.