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June 12, 2018

Hello Everyone,

You may have seen the volcano science experiment
for what happens when you pour vinegar onto baking
soda. Beyond entertaining you, however, baking soda
can make a huge difference in the smell and the
efficiency of your drains. Try adding baking soda
under hot running water to freshen the drain. Baking
soda can even be used in combination with hot water
to unclog a drain.

Handy Hints Holly

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When the power goes out, the LED
Emergency Bulb shines bright automatically!


Hint 1:

Do a quick clean of your bathroom every few days right after
your shower. Why? This is like the kitchen tip with the
boiling water in the microwave. The steam that condenses on
all the surfaces in your bathroom after the shower makes it
easier to wipe everything down.

Hint 2:

Always immediately hang clothing you take off when you walk
in the door. If you need to wash it, toss it straight in
your laundry basket. Don't just throw it on the bed or a
chair. Once that starts, it gets right out of control!