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Phunny Pictures - December 23, 2017

Howdy Folks,

I remember a few christmases ago I had a great idear about surprisin my kin with some gifts and presents.

I rented a Mr. Santa Claus suit so I could deskies myself as the holiday gift delivery guy as come in the trailer and give special gifts to my kids and make it a CHristmas that they'd never forget.

Now dressed as Mr. Santa I climbed onto the roof of the trailer so the young'uns could hear me walking around and get curious about who or what was a makin all that noise. We didn't have no chimney so I tried to get in thru one of the windows and accidentally broke it. The sound of the shatterin of that window alarmed my family and then my wife grabbed a hunting rifle, loaded in with bird shot and proceeded to fire it at my big red rear-end.

It hurt like nobodys business, but I survived. Now my children are terified of the CLaus and his holiday home-invasion, but I'm getting them presents anyways. This year I'm going to bring them gifts dressed as a reindeer. I got a great deal on this costume from a taxidermist fella I know. Its so life-like.

It will be a great holiday, just as long as it ain't deer season.

Have a Happy Holiday!

Take Care Y'all

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