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Phunny Pictures - September 30, 2017

Howdy Folks,

Its Fall now, and Winter is coming up soon enough, so I bought myself a new jacket. I really needed it. MY old jacket was in bad shape. My old jacket was full a holes, it smelled and the zipper was brokin.

I was at the store and when I saw this jacket I new it was for me. It looked good, it fit me verry well, and it was priced right. So, why not?

I wore the jacket home after i purchased it and when I pulled up in the driveway i saw my wife out in the yard waitin for me.

I walked up to her lookin really cool and said, "Hey, you're lookin' good."

Then she said, "What's that you're wearin' there?"

Then I responded, ""It's my new jacket. You like?"

"Yeah. Why did you get that?" she asked.

"Well, My old jacket was full a holes, it smelled and the zipper was brokin," I explained.

Then she said, "Oh, if that was the case, why didn't you get yourself any new pants?"

Take Care Y'all

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The pug will lug fries mainly on the rug.

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That's nothing, you should see what he does with onion rings.

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Help, my owner is a TATER freak!

Excuse me. Can you direct me to the ketchup, please?

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