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Phunny Pictures - August 26, 2017

Howdy Folks,

We used to have this neighbor that had a horse. It was a beautiful animal and very strong. The weird thing was the horse lived in the trailer with this fella, Don was his name. Don and Walter, that was the horse's name. Walter, not Don and Walter.

Since the day we moved in these two were inseperable. When there was one of 'em there was the other. They seemed very happy with one another.

One day I asked Don about his amazing animal and why he kept him in the house.

Don said, "Oh, you miss understood. This is Walter's place. He's just letting me stay here a while 'til I get my life in order."

I should have known. It was a horse trailer after all.

Take Care Y'all

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To be a kid again!!!

Dad, just get a wheelchair like a normal person!

"Once more around the block and THEN it's your turn!"

Boy, I sure hope Dad's car is fixed soon!

I HATE it when daddy gets a day off!

Dad! U gotta lose some weight!!!

Maybe next time you'll take out the garbage when I tell you to.

Maybe a diet soda now and then Dad?

HE was supposed to take ME to the park!

The things a man will do to save a few bucks on cab fare.

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