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Phunny Pictures - August 12, 2017

Howdy Folks,

Well, the wife bought a new dog to guard the castle, play with the young'uns and chew-up my sox. I had no IDer that this was to happen, but i love dogs so I was happy to welcome this little pooch to the Jethro family.

I said that if we where gonna have another dog that we needed to get this one to obediance schools for some of that training. (And then maybe the kids with pick up on a thing or two.)

Your new pup didn't like taking the various tests so the trainer told me that this was common and if I didn't mind takin' the tests with the dog, that's what we named him, DOG, it's easy to remmember, it would take away some of the anxiousness that he was feelin'. Test always made me nervous too. He must get it from me.

So long story short, he did very well and passed with flyin' colors. He even did better than me... especially on the written exam. I hoped he would cuz I was cheatin' off a him. He's a smart dog.

Take Care Y'all

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I've got that mouse cornered now! Hehehe

This never happens with my litter box!

At last! A cat that's useful

Where's that goldfish? I'm hungry.

she wasn't kidding when she told me to clean up my own mess!!!!

I'm taking the plunge to find that mouse.

A kitty's work is never done!

Gotta get rid of the evidence.

I think I clogged it with a hairball.

Why can't humans just use litter boxes like us?

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