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Phunny Pictures - August 5, 2017

Howdy Folks,

I had a interview for a promotion at the sanitation department the other day. The promotion is for a manager position that would make me the guy in charge of makin schedules, doin inspections, takin care a pay roll, interviewin new employees, stuff like that.

The wife said I should look my best witch means that i should iron my lucky shirt.

I did iron it up and everyone noticed. Actually it was the talk of the interview. They even took a picture of me for my file. It was probably the unique look i had goin for me. Plus, I smelled really good too! I like my chances.

That waffle iron hasnt let me down yet!

Take Care Y'all

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did have some work done?

Bark, bark, bark, bark-bark-bark, bark!

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Let's go around the block together.

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