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Phunny Pictures - June 3, 2017

Howdy Folks,

This past weekend I went off to Wisconson with the wife for a romantic getaway. We check into our sweet which was a damn sight better than the ol' trailer back home.

It had a full kitchen, a dinin' room, a livin' room, a full bath, walk-in closets, fireplace, king-sized bed, two tv's and even a balcony. It was nice.

We had a great time until the wife and I got kicked out for soapin' up in the pool on the first floor of the lodge.

Hey, old habits are hard to break. Full bath my hind-end.

Take Care Y'all

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Hey! How do you open this thing?

These are for everyone, right?

This stick? Umm... I lost my keys in there!

Could you just leave them by my tree in a bowl?

Keep your hands off my nuts.


Can I help you???

Best Selfie ever!

It's a stick up!

Is it me or is this just nuts?

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