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Phunny Pictures - February 4, 2017

Howdy Folks,

For the past week I have been eatin' dog food from a can. I hear y'all askin' "Why?" so I'm gonna tell y'all.

The kids tore all the labels off of all the cans of food in the house one night and every night we have to have a mystery dinner.

If it turns out that the can choosen for dinner is actually dog food then whoever picked that can has to eat it; it's a house rule. Do you do that in y'alls house?

So every night for dinner the kids make me pick what's for dinner. For the past six nights I've had can after can of dog food. I'm not complainin, I've never eaten better.

Take Care Y'all

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Next time they have taco's I want hazardous pay

Not to worry - I've got this job licked!

Who needs Cascade when you've got me?

And when I'm done doing the dishes, I'll tackle the laundry.

Take me out before the rinse cycle, please.

They said to clean my plate!!!!

This is the new Maytag K-9000

Just helpin' Mom with the chores.

Fine dining, canine style

And that's why we named him Cascade.

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