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Phunny Pictures - January 7, 2017

Howdy Folks,

The weather warmed up so I took the ol' truk to the car wash...Oooh oooh oooh! And, as usual, I fell asleep. It always happens with fallin water. Get this, whenever it rains, the sprinkler is a runnin, and i head over to the car wash - fallin water makes me sleepy.

Plus, i can't wash clothes, go to water parks, take a bath or shower, flush the toilet, or play water balloon toss.

Well, actually I do flush the toilet, but I have to wear a football helmet so when i flush I dont hit my fourhead on the sink.

Hey, you gotta do what you gotta do.

Take Care Y'all

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Here's the Top caption submissions as incompetently judged by Jethro:

New mounted police horse uniform safety requirements.

Craig's Unicorn costume wins first prize at barn dance.

Are you sure this hat doesn't come in any other colors?

Charlie horse always wanted to work in construction.

This wasn't what I had in mind when I wished I were a unicorn.

I come from France!

Orange you glad I found this nifty hat?

Going to audition for a DEVO reunion tour.

I'm ready for the NewYear

At first I thought it was a giant carrot, but it's obviously a hat.

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