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THE DAILY GROANER - December 28, 2016

Good Morning Groanies,

I hope that your Christmas was merry. I hope your bells were jingling. And your chestnuts were a'roastin'! The partying is still going strong over here, so I'll keep things boxers...I mean briefs.

Maybe I should take things easy for a bit and rest up for New Years...nah!

See you next year! And since I won't talk to you until after January 1st, have a Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, Groanies!

Groaningly yours,

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*-- Working Hard --*

Two guys were working for the city. One would furiously dig a hole, then the other would come behind him and quickly fill the hole. They were drenched in sweat. A man watching from the sidewalk couldn't believe how hard they were working, but also couldn't understand what they were doing. Finally he said: "I'm confused. You dig a hole and then your partner comes behind you and fills it up again!"

The digger leaned on his shovel and replied, "Oh yeah, it must look funny. You see, the lazy jackass who plants the trees is sick again today!"

*-- A Joke That Doesn't Deliver --*

Bob: Want to hear a joke about the letter with no stamp?

Frank: Sure.

Bob: Oh, never mind. You'd never get it!

*-- Q and A Quickies --*

Q: What's the difference between Big Foot and an intelligent man?

A: Big Foot's been spotted several times.

Q: What do you get when you cross a snake and a kangaroo?

A: A jump rope!


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