Subscibe to DEAL OF THE DAY
Too Many Ants
Too Many Lasers
Running Out Of Excuses?
So This Is What Calm Is
Turn That Frown Upside Down
I Do Need A Vacation
Sorry For The Confusion
Those Weirdos Are Talk Again
Old News - I'm Not An Oxymoron
Do You See What I Say?
Stay Frosty Out There
It's Business As Usual
I Don't Want to Get Hooked
The Floor is Lava!
That's Some Good Grub
Jumping For Joy
This Is For The Birds
Guess Who's Back?
The Pool Is Closed
It's Like Wild Kingdom Over Here
Sean's A Big Kid Now
It's A Jungle Out There!
School's Out...For Now
Did you know Bigfoot was in a band?
Can I Use A Meat Thermometer On Myself?
Looking For A Hobby?
That's Totally A Dinosaur!
This Kid is Eight, That's Great!
Two Words - Courtesy Flush!
I Love Riding in Cars!
Here's Something You Should Know...
Do You Know What Day It Is?
Put Hibernating Bears to Shame
What does a mermaid smoke?
Hair Grows Back, Right?
Bunny Day Hopped Right On By
One Word Can Change Your Day
What Do You Do When The Rolls Run Out?
Are You Feeling Foolish?
Maybe I'm Losing It
Not Losing Your Head, Maybe Your Hair
It's A Good Old Fashioned Toe-Stubbin'
Keep On Giggling, Gang!
What St. Patrick's Day Is Really About
Did I Miss Daylight Savings Time?
Don't Think For Too Long
What's Your Movie Title, Lovers?
Laughter's Better Than Cough Drops
We Went Water-Parking
I Think I Thought Too Much