Subscibe to DEAL OF THE DAY
Come On Nature, That's Cold
Insults, Bad-Mouthing, and Ageist Jokes
Too Many Candles On That Cake
It has to be better than hot dogs, right?
Bring On That Bird and His Friends
Avoiding the Illness
This Is Madness, I Tell You!
What Happened to Your Face?
Don't Vote For Him...He's Weird
Fuzz Be Gone
Green Is Not A Fall Color
The Height of the Spooky Season
The Scariest Day of the Year?
This Job Is Such A Gas
Laughter Is The Best Medicine
Owls Are Very In Right Now, Right?
Which Witch Joke Is Best?
So Where Are You From?
Where Can I Unleash the Beast?
Pumpkin Everything Is Everywhere!
You Didn't Wear Pants?
Prepare For "Some" Knowledge
Is This A "Sorta-Joke"?
That Chicken Is... Chicken?
No Ifs, Ands, or Buts
These Are Not My Pants
Ready For Some Random Humor?
I'm Not A Doctor and Have No Medical Training
So A Weasel Walks Into A Bar...
Sorry About Your New Car
Welcome to Garbage Night
Does This Violate the Dress Code?
The Stress of School
Sure, I could use a laugh.
What A Huge Relief
Is That My Phone?
Where's Your Wrist Watch?
Is Summer Over Already?
It's Different, But I Like It
Want A Great Way to Spice Up Your Life?
Sand Gets In Every Nook and Cranny
Does Your Face Hurt?
Less Sleep Equals More Cranky
Who Said It First?
4-Year-Olds Are Funnier Than Me?
Covered in pancake batter?
A Much Appropriate Joke
We're Going Nomad
Why Is This Heat So Hot?
The Kids Are Alright