Subscibe to DEAL OF THE DAY
Here's to 40!
Older Than Dirt
This Turkey Has 6 Legs!
Have you heard the one about the bed?
I Told You Today Was Nuts!
I Ran Into My Doctor...
Just Take Your Spoon and Leave Town
No Worries, I Got Candy
It's November Already!?
Tricked More Than Treated
Tradition Is Tradition
Hairy and Scary
No More Mistakes
Sorry...No Pony Rides
How's Your Week Going?
Asking For A Friend
Note to Self: Get Bail Money
You Know What I Can't Stand?
Don't You Miss Childhood?
I Am Productivity
"The point of philosophy is..."
What Does the Cheese Say?
Get Some Pants On That Kid
Banished to the Basement
My Kingdom For A Calculator!
Breathing Is Important
You'll Want to Remember This...
I Have Questions About Home Repairs
I Believe That Makes You A Liar
Learning From Home
I've Got Holes In My Shorts
Why Does My Chest Hurt?
Too Many Ants
Too Many Lasers
Running Out Of Excuses?
So This Is What Calm Is
Turn That Frown Upside Down
I Do Need A Vacation
Sorry For The Confusion
Those Weirdos Are Talk Again
Old News - I'm Not An Oxymoron
Do You See What I Say?
Stay Frosty Out There
It's Business As Usual
I Don't Want to Get Hooked
The Floor is Lava!
That's Some Good Grub
Jumping For Joy
This Is For The Birds
Guess Who's Back?