Subscibe to DEAL OF THE DAY
Or so the Germans would have us believe.
That Darn Cat
I Really Gotta Zonk Out
Picture Perfect Personality
How is Your Brother Related to You?
Do I Need A Jacket?
I Got My Smile Back
Molding the Minds of Tomorrow
Why Is My Name My Name?
My Bath-Time Snooze
The Old Fork in the Foot
Is That Even A Thing Anymore?
I Think This Should Be Studied
What Are You Wearing?
I Can't Figure This One Out
Snag the Cheese
Getting My Read On
Hey, Dummy!
What Did the Llama Say?
The Parrot Joke
I'm Gonna Sleep On It
Here's Your Sandwich, Stupid!
I'm Still A Bit Traumatized
Still On Vacation Time
The Fullest of Moons
Guess Where I Am?
Sand, Water, and Plenty of Sun
Thoughts Worth Thinking
I Can't Stand Birds
Gotta Stay Cool
Growing Up Too Fast
Who Loves You, Baby?
Bring on the Wax!
I Can See The Difference
Wisps of Wisdom
A Question For The Ages
That's Almost A Decade
Thinking About Thoughts
The Last Time I Saw Legs Like That...
How Does The Human Brain Work?
I've Got This Weird Feeling
This Is Getting Old
Does This Dream Mean Anything?
Those Are Some Behemoth Burns
The "Sideburns" Situation
Too Many Chips
We Could All Use A Good Laugh
Mouse Pad Pluralization Conundrum
Early April Fools!
How Do You Pluralize Mouse Pad?