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Phunny Pictures - July 16, 2016

Howdy Folks,

The wife and I are a replacin' the broken toilet in the watercloset. This ain't my first rodeo, i've fix a toilet or two in my day.

Aparently the kids have been kleaning out their rooms and in the process of a doin' that they have been flushin their old homework papers down the ol' pooper.

As the wife and I attemped to unplug the toilet i couldn't help wonder why the kids were doin such a bizarre thing. Suddenly The wife looked over at me and said, "This is all yer fault!"

"What?" I said.

She shook her head and said, "This what you get for helping the kids with there homework and when they bring it home with poor grades you ask them why they'd turn in crap like that."

Then I thought to myself that the kids might have had the right idea. Maybe I should start flushin' down my little ladies cookin'. Seems only right.

Take Care Y'all

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