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*-- Donald Trump: 'This country is a hellhole, we are going down fast' --*

NEW YORK (UPI) - Mulling a run for president next year, billionaire Donald Trump this week touched on a wide variety of topics -- from President Barack Obama's supposed foreign policy failures to the state of the country, which he called a "hellhole."

In an interview with Fox News host Megyn Kelly Wednesday, Trump said he has not yet decided whether he will run next year.

"We'll see what happens. I mean, in June, I will announce one way or the other, and I think you may be surprised. Even you may be surprised," he said.

Trump considered running in 2012 but ultimately decided not to.

During Wednesday's interview, the real estate magnate also touched on the reemergence of Iran as a possible threat in the Middle East.

"We decapitated Iraq. Now Iran is taking over the entire Middle East," he said. "It's the fault of [President George W.] Bush for going in, and it's the fault of Obama for getting out. The war should have never happened. Once it did happen, you should have left the troops in. It's a double fault."

Another challenge for the United States, Trump said, is the emergence and spread of Islamic State radicals.

"It's a total disaster. We're losing it so badly," he said. "They're cutting off the heads of every Christian that they can find and other people.

"I'll tell you one thing I'd do different, so they caught the accountant, they call him, a few days ago. Instead of talking about it, they should be silent ... They should have been quiet and gone after others that weren't suspected. You know, it's very interesting I'm a big fan of General Douglas Macarthur, I'm a big fan of General George Patton. They don't talk. They do."

During the interview, Trump seemed to indicate he will indeed run for president.

"I want to make the country great again. This country is a hell-hole," he said. "We are going down fast and I'm a conservative but I have a big heart. I will take care of people.

"A lot of people want me to run, and we'll see what happens."


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