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Donald Trump activates National Guard in California, New York, Washington
U.S.-Mexico border will close to non-essential travel Friday night
White House to roll out new COVID-19 testing centers beginning this week
McConnell cancels Senate recess amid coronavirus work
Ted Cruz, Paul Gosar self-quarantine over COVID-19 fears
VP Mike Pence: COVID-19 testing to be more widely available in coming weeks
Trump accuses Democrats of 'politicizing' coronavirus outbreak
Pence slams socialism, urges bipartisanship to meet COVID-19 crisis
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Inside the secret network behind mass surveillance, endless war, and Skynet
U.S. conducts airstrikes on five Hezbollah locations in Iraq, Syria
FDA begins enforcement of new minimum age for tobacco sales
What Is Behind The Tulsi Smears?
House judiciary committee details Trump charges in impeachment report
House judiciary committee votes to impeach Trump on two charges
FBI investigating shooting at Pensacola Navy base as act of terrorism
Republican senators push for tough sanctions on hostage takers, families
Supreme Court to take up Second Amendment argument on NYC gun law
Trump says U.S. will designate Mexican cartels as 'terrorist'