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Republicans say they will use budget office resolution to kill student loan forgiveness plan
YouTube reinstates Donald Trump's channel
Republican chair of House oversight committee subpoenas bank records of Hunter Biden associates
House votes to declassify intelligence on COVID-19
Mitch McConnell hospitalized for concussion following fall
Trump calls 2024 election 'final battle,' takes shots at Ron DeSantis
Texas GOP censures Rep. Tony Gonzales over votes on guns, marriage equity
GOP senators grill Merrick Garland in first testimony before new Congress
Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis signs bill giving state control of Disney district
House Republicans open probe into Pete Buttigieg's response to Ohio train derailment
Arizona appeals court rejects Kari Lake's election challenge
U.S. = War, Inc.
Nikki Haley officially announces run for president
GOP House takes investigative aim at Biden family, big tech, border security
Senate Republicans urge Supreme Court to nullify student debt plan
So what exactly are the 5-Eyes, 9-Eyes, and 14-Eyes alliances?
Trump delivers first official speech at 2024 campaign event
Trump delivers speech at first official 2024 campaign event in New Hampshire
Ronna McDaniel re-elected as the leader of the Republican National Committee
Republican National Committee re-elects Ronna McDaniel as its leader
Biden administration sued over new migration plan by GOP-led states
20 GOP-led states sue Biden administration over new migration plan
Is a campaign funded by Pfizer and Moderna lobbyists leading Twitter censorship?
Twitter censorship courtesy of a campaign funded by Pfizer and Moderna lobbyists
Donald Trump's campaign seeks access to Facebook account
Donald Trump campaign formally requests access to Facebook account
Biden family to be investigated by House Republicans
House Republicans open investigation into Biden family
House Republicans to investigate 'weaponization' of federal government
House select committee to investigate 'weaponization' of federal government
15th vote's the charm for Kevin McCarthy as he wins House speaker job
Kevin McCarthy wins House speaker job on 15th vote amid tension in chamber
McCarthy loses 11th speaker vote with legislative action at standstill
U.S. House adjourns, delays seventh House speaker vote
Trump subpoena dropped by Jan. 6 committee
Jan. 6 committee drops Trump subpoena
Maricopa County and Katie Hobbs' sanction request of Kari Lake denied
Maricopa County, Katie Hobbs' request to sanction Kari Lake denied
The Full Jan. 6th Report Is In!
Here's what is in House committee's full Jan. 6 report
Criminal Charges Recommended by Jan. 6 Panel for Donald Trump
Jan. 6 panel recommends 4 criminal charges against Donald Trump
$858B military spending bill passed by the Senate
Senate passes $858B military spending bill
Even more governors issue bans against TikTok over a fear of national security risks
More governors issue bans against TikTok on government devices
Do you know the mysterious company with military ties that held a key position in the internet's infrastructure?
The mysterious company with military ties that held a key position in the internet's infrastructure
Is the US military operating in more countries than we think?
The US military is operating in more countries than we think