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. . . . . . . . Where Are They Now? . . . . . . . . Hello fans, This week we are catching up with Matthew Laborteaux, who played Albert Quinn Ingalls on the series Little House on the Prairie. Since his days on the prairie, he has continued acting, although mostly in smaller roles. Read on to find out more! Take care, Melissa GopherCentral Book Collection Six Sensational Books At One LOW Price... List Price: $59.92 READER'S PRICE: $5.99 View Past Issues: ---- --DEAD OR ALIVE? See if you know if the following celebrities have had a visit from the "Grim Reaper": --Jason Robards: Appeared in "All the President's Men", "Julia", "Tora! Tora! Tora!", and "Little Big League" --Lee Grant: She appeared in the movies "In the Heat of the Night", "Portnoy's Complaint" and "Shampoo" --Claudia Cardinale: Italian actress, films include "8 ½", "The Pink Panther", "The Professionals" and "Once Upon a Time in the West" (Answer at the bottom) * Matthew Laborteaux BIRTH DATE: December 8, 1966, Los Angeles, California CLAIM TO FAME: He is known for playing Albert Quinn Ingalls on the hit NBC series, Little House on the Prairie, from 1976 to 1983. FAMILY LIFE: Laborteaux was adopted by Ronald Labyorteaux, an interior designer, and actress Frances Marshall. He has an older brother, Patrick Labyorteaux, himself adopted, and Jane Laborteaux. INFO: Laborteaux was discovered at the age of seven while tagging along with his brother on a casting call, and soon began work in commercials. Shortly after, he landed his first role in the drama A Woman Under the Influence, where he played one of Peter Falk and Gena Rowlands' children. From 1976-1983, he enjoyed his most prominent television role, playing Albert Quinn Ingalls on the hit NBC series, Little House on the Prairie. He also starred in the short- lived 1980s television series, The Red Hand Gang and Whiz Kids, and appeared in several made-for-television movies. In 1986, he starred in Wes Craven's feature, Deadly Friend, as a young genius who brings a girl back from the dead. Laborteaux has made guest appearances on a bunch of TV shows over the years, including The Bob Newhart Show, Lou Grant, The Love Boat, Simon and Simon, Highway to Heaven, Amazing Stories, Night Court, and Silk Stalkings. Continued below.... * TRIVIA: Was born with a congenital heart defect, which eventually healed on its own. Exhibited symptoms of a developmental disorder, most likely autism, in his early years. Founded the Youth Rescue Fund with his brother in 1992. The Youth Rescue Fund is a charity organization that assists young people in crisis. Brother-in-law of Tina Albanese. WHERE IS HE NOW: Laborteaux has most recently turned to voice acting. He has provided characterizations for the Dot Hack video game series, as well as additional voices for animated features and films such as 2009's Bride Wars. WRITE TO MATTHEW LABORTEAUX: Sorry, no address found. Video Clips of Matthew Laborteaux Little House on the Prairie - Theme Song * CREDITS: Bride Wars...Additional Voice (voice) (as Matthew Labyorteaux) 2006 Thrillville (Video Game)...Adult Male 1 (voice) (as Matt Labyorteaux) 2006 Everyone's Hero...Additional Voices (voice) (as Matt Labyorteaux) 2003 .hack//Quarantine (Video Game)...Additional Voices (voice: English version) (as Matt Laborteaux) 2002 .hack//Outbreak (Video Game)...Additional Voices (voice: English version) (as Matt Laborteaux) 2002 .hack//Mutation (Video Game)...Additional Voices (voice: English version) (as Matt Laborteaux) 2002 .hack//Infection (Video Game)...Additional Voices (voice: English version) (as Matt Laborteaux) 1998 Mulan...Additional Voice (voice) (as Matthew Labyorteaux) 1995 Spider-Man (TV series)...Flash Thompson ? Neogenic Nightmare Chapter 8: Duel of the Hunters (1995) (as Matthew Labytoreaux) 1993 Barbarians at the Gate (TV movie)...Teenage F. Ross Johnson (uncredited) 1991 Silk Stalkings (TV series)...Jason Dietz ? Dirty Laundry 1991 The Last to Go (TV movie)...Nathan Holover 1990 Guns of Paradise (TV series) ? The Coward (1990) 1989 Night Court (TV series)...Bobby Johnson ? Branded: Part 2 ? Branded: Part 1 1988 Hotel (TV series)...Mark Daniels ? Double Take 1986 Deadly Friend...Paul Conway 1986 Shattered Spirits (TV movie)...Ken Mollencamp 1985 Amazing Stories (TV series)...Andy ? Fine Tuning ...1985 Highway to Heaven (TV series)...Matt Haynes ? The Right Thing 1983-1984 Whiz Kids (TV series)...Richie Adler 1983 Little House: Look Back to Yesterday (TV movie)...Albert Ingalls (as Matthew Laborteauk) 1983 Simon & Simon (TV series)...Richie Adler ? Fly the Alibi Skies 1976-1983 Little House on the Prairie (TV series)...Albert Quinn Ingalls / Albert Quinn / Young Charles Ingalls / 1982 The Love Boat (TV series)...Chip Bronson ? Same Wavelength, The/Winning Isn't Everything/A Honeymoon for Horace 1980 The Aliens Are Coming (TV movie)...Timmy Garner 1979 Lou Grant (TV series)...Mark Donner ? Kids (1979) 1979 Little House Years (TV movie)...Albert Ingalls 1978 King of the Gypsies...Middle Dave 1978 Killing Stone (TV movie)...Christopher Stone 1977 Tarantulas: The Deadly Cargo (TV movie)...Matthew Beck 1977 The Red Hand Gang (TV series)...Frankie 1977 Mulligan's Stew (TV series)...Duane ? Biggest Mansion 1977 A Circle of Children (TV movie)...Brian O'Connell 1976 The Practice (TV series)...Pete ? Judy Sinclair 1976 Doc (TV series)...David ? The Death of a Turtle 1976 NBC Special Treat (TV series)...Billy ? Papa and Me 1976 The Bob Newhart Show (TV series)...Richie ? My Boy Guillermo 1975 Phyllis (TV series)...Child ? There's No Business Like No Business 1975 The Rookies (TV series)...Jody Gifford ? Lamb to the Slaughter 1974 A Woman Under the Influence...Angelo Longhetti To see Then & Now pictures of Matthew Laborteaux, visit: * --Answers to DEAD OR ALIVE Jason Robards - DEAD (Cancer) Born: 07/26/1922 Died: 12/26/2000 Lee Grant - ALIVE Born: 10/31/1927 Claudia Cardinale - ALIVE Born: 04/15/1938 * WHO PASSED ON THIS WEEK... 10/21 -Jose Carbajal, 66, Uruguayan singer, guitarrist, and composer (1943 - 2010), cardiac arrest. -Loki Schmidt, 91, German environmentalist and wife of Helmut Schmidt. 10/20 -W. Cary Edwards, 66, American politician, New Jersey State Assemblyman (1978?1982) and Attorney General (1986?1989), cancer. -Luis Maria Fernandez Basualdo, 62, Argentine politician, member of the Chamber of Deputies (2007?2010), cardiac arrest. -Bob Guccione, 79, American publisher, founder of Penthouse, cancer. -Nikos Legakis, 70, Greek physician and politician. -Farooq Leghari, 70, Pakistani politician, President (1993?1997). -Eduard Novak, 63, Czech Ice hockey player. -Parthasarathy Sharma, 62, Indian test cricketer (1974?1977), cancer. -Tikhon Stepanov, 47, Russian Orthodox bishop of Arkhangelsk and Kholmogory (since 1996), heart attack. -Ari Up, 48, German-born British musician (The Slits). -Wendall Woodbury, 68, American television journalist and host (WGAL-TV), lymphoma. 10/19 -Tom Bosley, 83, American actor (Happy Days, Father Dowling Mysteries), heart failure. -Craig Charron, 42, American ice hockey player, stomach cancer. -Graham Crowden, 87, Scottish actor (A Very Peculiar Practice, Waiting For God). -Stathi Katsidis, 31, Australian jockey. 10/18 -Mel Hopkins, 75, Welsh footballer (Tottenham Hotspur, Brighton & Hove Albion). -Peng Chong, 95, Chinese politician, former National Committee member. -Elsie Steele, 111, British supercentenarian. ***********************************************************

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