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Court overrules EU effort to shield Israel's settlements
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Army Injures More Than 100 Palestinians In Nablus
Three Killed in Attack on Iranian Tanker Off Syria's Coast
Biden spokesperson Jen Psaki worked for Israeli spy firm
Lobby gets EU advice on censoring Israel's critics
Palestine Action's "Elbit Six" could face trial
Israeli academic won't receive prize after signing petition
AOC panders to Israel lobby
Support for David Miller grows
Who are the Israel lobbyists that want David Miller fired?
Don't let the Israeli lobby fire David Miller
Film by Palestine director Farah Nabulsi nominated for an Oscar
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Gaza, Guevara and resistance against occupiers
Booby-trapped Israel drones responsible for death of 3 Gaza fishermen, probe finds
The Occupation of the American Mind
EU backs ICC after Netanyahu's "anti-Semitism" smear
Protests in Lebanon Enter 5th Day as Currency Plummets
Fauci champions Israeli medical apartheid
We must resist Israel's war on British universities
Academics at UK university reject IHRA anti-Semitism definition
Israel lobby demands firing of professor who opposes Zionism
It is time for the one state solution to go mainstream
Boycotts are legitimate tools of protest against injustice
Boston students reject Israeli training of campus cops
Fordham students contest ban on Palestine club
Another disgraceful performance from "Israel's president"
Israel lobby urges Biden to ramp up attacks on college activists
Who Else Are They Spying On?
If Your Heart Can Take It
Spain legal victory exposes EU lie about BDS
Washington Post reporter moves from covering Israel to working for it
Florida congresswoman conveys violent threat against Rashida Tlaib
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