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Top o' the morning to you!
Water Closet Wackiness
It's the Crack of Dawn!
This American's Got Talent
Do Dog Lovers Always See Spots?
Is This Winter Ever Going to End?
You Gotta Pick That Kid A Name
How About A Snack and A Snooze?
"I'll never put on a life jacket again."
Love Makes You Crazy
Please, Be A Curly!
I Got to Hand It to Ya
Do You Really Need Me For That?
Nothing Beats A Good Nap
My Kingdom for a Snowblower!
Home Sick, Not Home Sick
Snow Far, Snow Good!
I'm Like Corn...
I'm So Glad You Are Here!
Apparently, I Smell
I Was Watching A Chuck Norris Movie and...
I've Been Doing that Sleep Talking
I'm Not Going to Complain...
Stuff Said While Shopping
A Stocking Full of Jokes
Two Trees at the Same Time
The Holiday Hilarity Sets A High Bar
That Old Man Winter is One Rough Dude
Price Check at the Dollar Store?
Who Could Use A Good Laugh?
Anyone Got A Light?
Don't Get Me Sick
Leftovers: Food and Turkey Jokes
I'll Eat Just About Anything!
Horrible Slogans for Random Things
Hey, You! Where's What's His Name?
So, What's It Today?
Is That Christmas Music I Hear?
What did the zombie say when Steve told one of his jokes?
Happy Halloween, Beware of Fright Leakage!
We Are Here for Candy
Now, That's How You Name A Turtle!
A Joke from Jethro
Birthday Fun Is A Comin'
Donuts with Dad
My Wife is Hilarious
The Best Time of Year
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Confession Is Good For The Soul