Subscibe to DEAL OF THE DAY
Maybe I'll get him a hat for his birthday.
Spit out that fur ball!
TOADally hanging on for dear life!
I nose what I'm doing!
Wood you like a hug?
Catnipflix and Chill
Oh boy, a new chew toy.
Could I interest you in a high-five?
I told you to Duck
How about using your turn signals?
Silly rabbit, you don't eat kids!
Wait... are those my legs?
Here's to cementing our relationship.
Like my new plaid sleeveless pants?
Orange you glad I'm not eating a banana?
Tennis anyone?
It's a dog eat dog world out there!
What does the fox see?
I just can't BEAR to look!
My belly button is filthy!
Check out my poker face!
With all this shoveling I'm gonna be dinosore tomorrow!
Can't stay, babe. I gotta bounce!
Hey baby wanna check out my package?
Santa needs to watch his weight anyway.
Does this mean that we are engaged?
That's TMI, dude!
It's been a very long year
Get in your room!
Why did you name him Cascade?
Going to the beach? I can dig it!
Who's got a harvest hangover?
Relax Michael Meyers, I'm on the job.
This hold music is so soothing
My lunch is haunting me
How come HE has teeth and I don't?
Next time I'll get an Uber.
Souper Cats!
At least they're unsalted!
Your cousin has his own video game?
I Need to Find a Litterbox Now!
Did you see a worm swim by here?
Can you pass me the iron?
What do you expect? I'm inbred.
Um, you're home early!
I've gotta secret. Wanna hear it?
I wish these Flashbacks would end!
I told you not to put this in the wash!
Want to split a bag of oats?
Did you say tuna?