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November 21, 2023

Good Morning,

Are you getting hungry for the Thanksgiving feast later this week? Who isn't?!

It's okay for us to enjoy ourselves, but we should certainly avoid overeating during the long, food-filled weekend.

It can be hard to do with so many tasty opinions easily accessible, but don't worry, I have 10 tips to help avoid overeating this Thanksgiving.


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Tips to Help You Avoid Overeating on Thanksgiving

Sure, here are some tips to help avoid overeating during Thanksgiving:

1. Start with a Balanced Breakfast: Begin your day with a nutritious breakfast that includes protein and fiber. This can help regulate your appetite and prevent excessive hunger later in the day.

2. Portion Control: Use smaller plates and serve yourself small portions. This can make it easier to manage how much you're consuming without feeling deprived.

3. Mindful Eating: Eat slowly, savor each bite, and pay attention to your body's cues of fullness. Take breaks between servings to assess if you're really hungry for more.

4. Hydrate: Drink water before and during the meal. Sometimes, our bodies mistake thirst for hunger.

5. Choose Wisely: Pick your favorite dishes but aim for a balance between indulgence and healthier options. Load up on veggies and lean proteins along with your favorite treats.

6. Be Selective: Rather than piling everything onto your plate at once, survey the options and choose what you really want to eat.

7. Stay Active: After the meal, go for a walk or engage in some light physical activity. This can aid digestion and help prevent post-meal lethargy.

8. Mind Your Alcohol Intake: Alcoholic beverages can add calories. Try alternating between alcoholic drinks and water or opt for lighter options.

9. Listen to Your Body: It's okay to leave food on your plate if you're full. Remember, Thanksgiving is about enjoying the company as much as the food.

10. Practice Moderation: Enjoy the celebration and delicious food, but try to maintain balance in your overall holiday eating habits.

Implementing these strategies can help you enjoy Thanksgiving while being mindful of your eating habits and preventing overindulgence.