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November 20, 2023

Turkey Myths

It always seemed to me that a lot of people make more out of roasting a turkey than there really is. To me a turkey is nothing more than a big chicken. If you can roast a chicken - you can roast a turkey. Sure, there are a few tips and tricks to make sure you end up with a succulent bird, but there are too many myths surrounding this popular holiday meal. So let's get rid of a few of them.

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Today's Random Facts:

You don't need to wash the turkey

Experts say scrubbing down your bird is not only unnecessary, it could actually be harmful. You could splash disease-causing germs around your sink, countertop, utensils, and other food you may be preparing. The United States Department of Agriculture says it is "virtually impossible" to wash bacteria off a raw turkey.

Yes, you can cook a frozen turkey

While trying to cook a partially thawed turkey can be dangerous, it is totally fine to cook a completely frozen bird, according to the USDA. The USDA recommends cooking a frozen stuffed bird for 50 percent longer than you would a thawed turkey of the same size.

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Go ahead and stuff your bird if you want to

It's common thinking that a stuffed turkey won't cook through. But you can reduce any risk of food poisoning by heating the dressing up to at least 130 degrees before placing it in the turkey. Also, check the temperature of both the stuffing and turkey meat before serving.

Frequent basting does not keep meat moist

The idea is that basting slows the cooking process thus allowing the meat to retain juices and stay moist. But experts have reported that there is no discernible difference in meat between basting and non-basting. But basting will turn your turkey more evenly browned.