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March 18, 2023

Hey Everyone!

Who doesn't enjoy a hot shower whether it's on a cold day, or after a stressful day at work? A big chunk of the average family's water use comes from bathing, so installing a low-flow efficient shower head can reduce your water consumption by 50% saving you hundreds a year - and you won't even notice the difference.

Or consider lowering the temperature of your water heater from its default of 140 degrees to 120 degrees - don't worry you will still enjoy a hot shower, but you'll save up to $320 a year! Wow, that's some savings!

Handy Hints Holly

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Hint 1:

Tackle Trash With A Daily Dash

A daily round with a trash bag makes short work of burgeoning clutter. Once a day, circle the house at top speed, gathering expired coupons, newspaper inserts, take-out food containers, empty packaging materials and other trash, then toss. It's an instant clutter-cutting boost!

Hint 2:

Set The Table From The Dishwasher

Returning clean dishes to the cupboard during after-dinner clean-up?

Set the breakfast table straight from the dishwasher! You'll save steps--and make precious time during busy mornings. If you wash dishes overnight?

Do it in reverse, setting the table for dinner as you put away clean dishes each morning.