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March 16, 2023

Auto News

NHTSA investigating reports of steering wheels falling off Tesla Model Y vehicles

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration announced it is investigating complaints that the steering wheels of Tesla's 2023 Model Y vehicles have fallen off while people were driving

The agency announced that it had received two complaints from owners of the Model Y that the steering wheel came off while the car was being driven.

The NHTSA said that 121,089 vehicles are part of the investigation, which will assess the "scope, frequency, and manufacturing processes associated with this condition."

"Both vehicles were delivered to the owners missing the retaining bolt which attaches the steering wheel to the steering column," the NHTSA said.

A friction fit helped the connection between the steering wheel and the column for a brief time, until that failed, the agency said.

The investigation is the first step before the agency can determine if a recall is necessary.
Tesla's 2023 Model Y has had four recalls already. In November, a notice was issued for taillights that fail to illuminate.

In December, a recall was issued for suspension fasteners that were improperly tightened and another one in February for a second-row seat frame possibly being improperly secured.

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Car Care Tip

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