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March 19, 2023

Read about our staffHello Beautiful,

When was the last time you paid serious attention to your underarms? Admittidly they're not the sexiest parts of the body, but ignoring them can lead to irritation, ingrown hairs, and other problems.

Aside from removing hair and applying deodorant, most people tend to neglect their armpits, even though it's one of the most sensitive parts of our body.

Let's look at some things you should pay attention to and do when it comes to your underarms.

Be Well,

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Darker Pigmentation...

At times you may notice that parts of your underarm are darker than others. Changes in skin pigmentation can occur because of a number of reasons, including a fluctuation in hormone levels and sensitivity to certain products. These changes are more common in women with darker skin.

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Excessive Sweating...

Sure, we all sweat a little more than we'd like to from time to time, especially when we're nervous, it's hot out, or we just finished a grueling spinning class. But it's time to visit your doctor if you're sweating so much that it's ruining your clothes. If you're going through multiple shirts a day, speak to your doctor about a prescription deodorant, Botox injections, or a laser treatment to help control the problem.

General Irritation...

ASoTV 22One of the most common underarm problems is general irritation or a rash. Temperature, hair removal, clothing, and even the type of deodorant you wear can cause irritation, such as redness or bumps. For the healthiest underarms possible, avoid tight clothes that rub underneath your arms, especially when you're working out. Wash with antibacterial soap, but don't overdo it. The skin under your arms is thin, and scrubbing too much will irritate it. Finally, if you have sensitive skin, use an unscented deodorant, as fragrance is a common irritant.

Ingrown Hairs...

Ingrown hairs occur most commonly because of shaving. The top of the hair follicle is cut off, and a sharp point is created at the end. As the sharp point grows out, it can penetrate the skin surface and cause a bump.

To prevent ingrown hairs, use a single-blade razor to shave under your arms - it's less likely to leave your hair with that sharpened point. Or you can use a depilatory. Laser hair removal is also a good option. It works particularly well on the underarms, and generally you only need two to three treatments.

Regular exfoliation of the area is also helpful. To prevent ingrown hairs, exfoliate daily, except on days when you've waxed, threaded, or sugared the area.

Skin Tags...

As their name suggests, skin tags are little excess pieces of hanging skin. They're common in any area of your body that has skin folds, like your underarms, and are a result of repeated friction. The good news is that skin tags are harmless. The bad news is that only your dermatologist can remove them safely. If you have a large number of them or you're extremely bothered by them, make an appointment with your doctor to have them snipped sterility.
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