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February 04, 2023

Howdy Folks,

99 Cent FlashThe other day I was a lookin in the skI and I was noticin all of the clouds and the shapes they make. I saw one that looked like a badger drivin a dodge dart thru a cylone fence and hittin a birch tree. It was weired.

I also saw a cloud that looked like a squierrl stealin a twinkie out of a mailbox... along wit my publicshers clearin house winnins. Hey, I calls um as I sees um!

All this talk about squirrells and badgers is makin me hungray. Hows about you?

Take Care Y'all

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If she hugs me any tighter I'm gonna burp.

Oh, what did I do now?

I know she loves me, but I can't breathe!

It's ok sweetie, you'll love the cat we adopted.

Hug Your Pug

No bear hugs, please!

Oh, no! I think I just pooped.

Not so tight! my eyes are bugging out.

Okay. Can I have my treat now?


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