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November 26, 2022

Howdy Folks,

Black Friday SS21Well, i am ofishilly stuffed full of thanksgivin' grub. I ate so much that i won't need to eat dinner for at least two and a half to three weeks time. It was good eatin'. It was so good that i might need new teeeth.

In a few days I'm sure i'll b able to button my pants once again, i just got to be able to get em back on first. I'm goin to get to workin' out like that boxin' Rocky guy in that movie that I can't remember the name of.

I guess I'll be doin a ton of sit-ups, push ups, chin ups, pop ups, pull ups, pick ups, up grades, up-and-at-ems and upper cuts to get into some great shape. I just hope I'm up to it.

It's either that or bigger pants. and i hate goin clothes shoppin'.

Take Care Y'all

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So that's how they make turkey dogs!

You laugh, but you should see what they made the cat wear.

Nope, still a dog.


I really wish somebody would turn up the heat in here.

Couldn't you just eat me up?

You do NOT want the stuffing in this thing. Trust me!

I'm really getting into the Thanksgiving spirit!

Come on, guys. It is almost Thanksgiving, not Halloween.

I better get out of this get up before someone decides to cook me.

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