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November 23, 2022

Greetings fellow Bizarros:

A married couple with a total 98 body modifications earned a Guinness World Record for their collective number of piercings, microdermals, body implants and other modifications.

Guinness World Records said Gabriela Peralta, who is from Argentina, and Victor Hugo Peralta, originally from Uruguay, first earned the record for most body modifications (married couple) in 2014, when they had a total 84 body modifications.

The record-keeping organization said the couple's total modifications has since increased to 98.

The couple met at a motorcycle event in Argentina 24 years ago and bonded over their mutual interest in body modification. They have now been married for 14 years.

"For me, being a Guinness World Records holder is a prize that life gives me for the love of body art, and I am very grateful because this record helped me achieve one of my big dreams: traveling to 20 countries, getting to know different cultures, and making new friendships around the world," Victor Hugo Peralta told Guinness World Records.


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From pets to pests

The Delaware Department of Agriculture is warning residents of an increase in feral pot-bellied pigs in the state as a result of pet owners setting the animals loose in the wild. Stacey Hofmann, the department's chief of community relations, said officials have noticed a sharp increase in the number of pot-bellied pigs roaming loose in the state, and they believe the cause to be pet owners releasing animals when they reach adulthood. "Running at large, these pigs pose a nuisance to landowners, increase the threat of establishing feral pig populations, damage natural resources and risk carrying endemic diseases," Hofmann told the Delaware News Journal. State veterinarian Karen Lopez said officials are forced to euthanize many of the feral pigs. "As they get older they're not as attractive to adopters," she said. "But they're not food animals, so livestock auctions won't take them either." Hofmann said the pigs are often sold to unknowing consumers as "teacup" pigs and the buyers then end up surprised when the pigs grow to be up to 200 pounds and can be "hard to handle and difficult to contain."

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Is that a monkey in your beer box or are you just happy to see me?

A Texas woman has pleaded guilty to smuggling a spider monkey in a box she alleged was carrying beer, Immigrations and Customs Enforcement officials said Sunday. Savannah Nicole Valdez, 20, was arrested when she tried to enter the United States through the Gateway International Bridge in Brownsville, Texas, with the primate, officials said in a statement. Eagle-eyed officers at the border spotted a wooden box with holes inside her car, which she said contained beer she had bought in Mexico. Officers opened the box and discovered the live spider monkey inside and directed her to pull over for a secondary inspection. Valdez refused and sped off, running a traffic light and "nearly colliding with officers and other vehicles," officials said. Investigators later found online ads for the sale of a spider monkey with her phone number listed. Valdez turned herself in to law enforcement and pleaded guilty to smuggling wildlife into the United States without first declaring and invoicing it and fleeing an immigration checkpoint.